The tremendously complex world of B2B marketing looks set to continue diversifying in 2021, thanks in part to the relentless march of technological innovation.

Small businesses everywhere have had more than enough to contend with over the last few years, some of them, like these companies in Hamburg, have had to improvise just to stay afloat.

Few facets of business have remained untouched by the pandemic, including B2B marketing, as many professionals have been forced to embrace the digital world, possibly on a permanent basis.

If you wish to expand your B2B marketing efforts in 2021 and make the most out of the new normal, here are some effective methods to consider.

Influencer Marketing

The rise of social media influencers is nothing to be scoffed at, nor is it a new concept, despite the way the technology may have changed.

For example, product endorsement is an ancient concept, one that has taken on a different form, as a result of social media.

Influencer marketing should not be overlooked in 2021 and beyond, as in many cases, it will be the first point of contact between the viewer and the product. Working alongside social media influencers and capitalizing on their reach might require the help of a reliable B2B marketing agency, as sometimes, outsourcing is the best way to free up your schedule and leave your efforts in the hands of expert professionals.

Video Content

Customers have a hard time interacting with products and services in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, which might be why the value of video content has risen substantially.

By introducing a new dynamic to your content in the form of a visual feast, the prospective customer has more to interact with. This can drive engagement rates, while showcasing a brand in a greater, three-dimensional capacity.

Thanks to platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, developing a strong visual presence should not be underestimated, particularly due to the rise in the popularity of streaming.

Failing to utilize these available channels might result in a wealth of missed opportunities, which would be a terrible indictment on the resume of a B2B marketer.

The Empathic Approach

Casting out a generic line and hoping for a bite may not work anymore, particularly at a trying time in world history.

Many people are struggling in business, from the owners to the customers and everyone in between. Approaching marketing with an empathic outlook and recognizing this situation may be a better way of presenting your brand in the first place. First impressions matter, and the very last annoyance someone wants to deal with right now is an email that looks like spam.

Personalization is a way around this. Targeted and customized emails are still an incredibly effective way of B2B marketing, so they should not be ignored in 2021.

Getting with the Times

Great content marketing relies on topical, relevant and well-constructed posts that engage the customer, factors that are hard to achieve for a marketing team that fails to get with the times.

The world is changing quickly, so B2B marketers should do the same if they mean to keep up in a competitive arena.