What is one way to effectively advertise a job opening?

To help you better advertise your job openings, we asked HR specialists, recruiting professionals, and business leaders this question for their insights. From leveraging LinkedIn to creating recruiting videos, there are several ways that you can effectively advertise a job opening.

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Here are 14 strategies to effectively advertise a job opening:

  • Leverage LinkedIn
  • Check Out University Career Centers
  • Be Welcoming
  • Nurture an Employee Referral Program
  • Provide All the Right Details
  • Highlight Your Company Culture
  • Create a Recruiting Video
  • Reach Out With Your Email List
  • Use Message Ads on LinkedIn
  • Create Custom Tabs on Your Facebook Page
  • Make It Easy to Apply
  • Cross-Promote Your Job Opening
  • Utilize Your Website
  • Network, Network, Network

Leverage LinkedIn

You need to advertise job openings on social media, including LinkedIn. Their job postings get a lot of traction. Applicants can see who posted an ad about an open position, which gives them the confidence that the job and company they’re applying for are legitimate. 

Get that job opening posted on LinkedIn, and I guarantee you people will see it — and that the people you want to see that opening will see it.

Eric Blumenthal, The Print Authority


Check Out University Career Centers

If you have a role that can be done by up-and-coming talent, a great place to advertise your job opening is in the career placement centers at universities. This gets the viewership of current students and graduates alike. 

We have found these centers very helpful in connecting students and graduates in specific degree programs that end up being great additions for internship positions or even entry-level roles within our company.

Jenn Christie, Markitors


Be Welcoming

When you go shopping, what products catch your eye? What can you learn from the advertising language they use?

Many job ads are written assuming the company is doing candidates a favor by inviting them to apply. This attitude can turn candidates off. If you don’t come across as welcoming, you can’t expect people to think you will provide a welcoming workplace.

Try to keep your job ad under 700 words. Speak to people on their level and in the second person, using “you” instead of “we.” Avoid the temptation to copy and paste the description you used the last time. Think about how responsibilities may have changed. You want to hire human beings rather than clones!

Maciek Kubiak, PhotoAiD


Nurture an Employee Referral Program

Tap into the power of employee referrals. This tried and true strategy is one of the best ways to fill up your recruitment pipelines with fresh candidates. It’s a huge time and cost saver, not to mention the talent is already semi-vetted by association.

“Birds of the feather flock together” is one of the oldest sayings because it holds true so often. It’s not difficult to imagine that someone in the legal department might know other lawyers, while an IT specialist has friends with similar skill sets and know-how.

Thus, it’s essential to never underestimate the power of pre-existing human networks. Effectively, you’re outsourcing the process to your current employees who might already know a person who’d make an excellent fit for a new role.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab


Provide All the Right Details

When an applicant is searching for a job, they want as many details as possible. It’s both difficult and time-consuming to go through a lengthy interview process only to find out that one of your regular tasks will be your least favorite of all time. 

So, if you want well-informed applicants, be sure to educate them on exactly what you’re looking for before they even consider sending in their resumes. This saves you the time of unnecessary interviews when the role isn’t a good fit for one or both of you.

Marc Atiyeh, Pawp


Highlight Your Company Culture

Be transparent about the company culture. Is it fun and laid back or is it fast-paced and high-pressure? This way, you’ll have a job ad that not only explains a position but gives people an idea of the overall character of the company. 

By revealing what kind of personalities tend to make up the company team, will provide job seekers with more clarity as to whether or not they would feel included in this work environment. Furthermore, this will attract the right kind of people to apply rather than those who would not be the best cultural fit.

Kristen Dole, Nowadays


Create a Recruiting Video

Talent Lyft says that by having a video on your recruitment page, you can get up to 34% more leads. Wow. 

Do you want to advertise a job opening the right way in 2021 and beyond? Have a VIDEO (60-90 seconds) of happy employees that currently work for you. This provides social proof that your company is a fun place to work.

Trevor Rappleye, CorporateFilming.com


Reach Out With Your Email List

We’ve seen good results from sharing open positions with our email list, usually via regular newsletters. It’s not uncommon to see “We’re Hiring” in email signatures, but we took it a step further and actually listed the positions. The result was a small group of passionate candidates that we knew were already fans of our company!

Sylvia Kang, Mira


Use Message Ads on LinkedIn

As the world’s most popular professional networking platform, LinkedIn is perfect for anyone looking to advertise potential job openings. What is more impressive is you can use the ad customization features to hyper-target your potential prospect and ensure that your ad spend is utilized effectively.

The ROI is definitely worth it. More than 50% of LinkedIn users open personalized ad messages. Furthermore, you will be able to customize your call to action (CTA) and track the progress of your campaigns through their online dashboard

Mogale Modisane, ToolsGaloreHQ.com


Create Custom Tabs on Your Facebook Business Page

Creating a custom “Jobs” tab on your company’s Facebook Page will enable job seekers to find all of your listings quickly. A “Reviews” tab will provide a space where employee advocates can shout from your Facebook rooftop how much they love working for your brand. 

These custom tabs on your Business Page will serve as gateways to a centralized social media recruitment bank that showcases your company culture, builds your employment brand, and attracts more candidates.

Summer Romasco, Ad Hoc Labs


Make It Easy to Apply

Even if you already have posted job openings on job-seeking platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed, you should still include job openings on your website. After all, those who have chosen to visit your website may already have an interest in what your company does. 

We have even connected the “Careers” section of our website to our Indeed account so that people with Indeed accounts can apply with the information they already have stored in these accounts.

Mike Clare, Mood Health


Cross-Promote Your Job Opening

One of the most effective ways in advertising a job opening is to coordinate a job posting utilizing a connection between two different social media platforms. By using a platform that caters to job listings such as LinkedIn, and tying that to promotions on other social media channels, you can garner interest and tailor your employer brand at the same time. 

The key is to keep a consistent theme in which both posts promote the other. So whether a job seeker sees a listing and then is interested in learning more about your job opportunity, or they are enticed through a higher production value video, sparking their interest enough to read the entire job description, you are bettering your chances of increasing your pool of candidates. 

By approaching advertisements for a job opening as you would a campaign to market a product, you will more likely find success through cross-promotion.

Cody Candee, Bounce


Utilize Your Website

Effectively advertise a job opening by utilizing the traffic on your website. Do this by creating a jobs or careers page on your website. This way, you can effectively display any open positions. Then if anyone who’s already visiting your site is interested in a career with your company, they will know where to go.

Remon Aziz, Advantage


Network, Network, Network

It is said that the best advertising is word of mouth, and utilizing this method with referrals is one of the best ways to promote a job opening. There is a culture to various businesses, in which people within the same fields or industries recognize talented people. 

By talking with colleagues and people associated with your type of business, you can gain valuable insight into available talent and also let people know of your position. In addition, this type of networking can also provide you with information on the best resources to advertise your job opening. 

By keeping your lines of communication open throughout your network, you will always have access to the latest news, and the best people to fill your positions.

Adelle Archer, Eterneva


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