Are you fresh out of high school and searching for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career? Perhaps you have been stuck in a dead-end job and are searching for an alternative role with far greater prospects? Regardless of your current situation, there are several reasons to become a business administration manager.

Based on 2019 research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “administrative services managers” received an annual salary of $96,940 on average. It is not just the financial rewards that are enticing, either. The job role is a fulfilling a wide-ranging one, where you are tasked with everything from supervising an administrative team to hiring and training new employees.

Yet if you have no prior education or experience in this field, you might be wondering if it’s even a viable career path to take. This guide will show what steps to take when becoming a business administration manager from scratch.

Receive the right education

As you will know, if you have searched job listings in the past, management roles typically have one requirement that is a roadblock for most candidates: a relevant degree or diploma. As a result, you must gain the right education and qualifications for the role.

Admittedly, you can rise from an entry-level position within a company towards a management role – and not require any other support like further education. Yet this can take significant time, and promotion is never guaranteed.

However, when you have the right qualifications in your hands, you gain a large step up the ladder towards the career you desire. This is particularly the case if you study specifically in the field of business administration.

Study online

There is just one issue with studying for a diploma or degree: time. If you are already in a full-time position and do not have the luxury of quitting, you won’t be able to enter further education at the same time. At least, that is the case if you study via traditional means.

The possibility of earning qualifications has been made a lot more convenient due to the rise of online educational institutions. This allows you to acquire a business administration diploma in your own time, which means you can maintain your job while studying.

Plus, along with earning your qualifications quicker than via traditional means, you also gain a range of practical skills and knowledge that can be applicable across a wide range of careers.

Build up your experience

While you’re studying for your diploma or degree in business administration, it also makes sense to build up your experience at the same time if possible. Assuming you don’t live in a remote location, there will usually be some intern positions offered by large organizations in your area.

As an alternative to an internship, you may even explore the possibility of working in an administrative position via an online freelance role. This is a good way of building practical experience while also bulking up your CV.