You’ve audited your talents, assessed your options, and decided to join the ranks of those 1.3 million lawyers already working in the US. It’s an exciting time- not to mention a great choice. After all, law’s a rewarding vocation that’s challenging, meaningful, and well-paid.

But now what happens? Having chosen to enter this field, how to does one go about getting accepted into law school? If you’re looking for answers to these kinds of questions, then you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for a quick and easy 3-step guide on how to get into law school.

Step 1: Get an Undergraduate Degree

The very first step to becoming a high-caliber lawyer, like the ones at Baker McKenzie, Jones Day, or Sweet Lawyers, is getting an undergraduate degree. Now, this doesn’t have to be law-related. But it does have to come from an accredited college/university.

Some aspiring attorneys apply to law school straight out of college (or in their senior year). Others decide to wait, pursue post-grad studies, or enter entirely different professions first. The exact route you take doesn’t matter, but you will need that undergrad degree.

Step 2: Take the LSAT

The next pivotal step is to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The basics are straightforward. You create your account on the LSAC website, take the LSAT test, and then apply to your chosen schools.

Don’t take the LSAT lightly. Alongside your GPA, scoring high on this test is all-important for anybody wondering how to get into a good law school. We recommend that you prep and study for this exam for a full year (and as if your life depends on it).

You can go the lone wolf route. But many people choose to take specific classes or hire tutors to help them prepare. There’s no right or wrong answer, though a combination of each approach is usually the best way to guarantee top results.

Step 3: Apply to Law Schools

The final piece of the puzzle is applying to law schools through the LSAC and its Credential Assembly Service. This is where your GPA and LSAT scores come into the mix. Each school has ‘median scores’ (usually advertised on their websites) for admitted students that indicate your chances of being accepted.

Try selecting schools with median scores that fall within reach of your own. Apply to some that are higher than yours, others that are equivalent, and a few that are lower. This a) gives you a shot at getting into top institutions and b) helps you hedge your bets to avoid the disappointment of not being accepted anywhere.

Exactly How to Get Into Law School

Becoming an attorney isn’t easy. But with hard work and perseverance, combined with the right insight and approach, it’s sure to happen soon enough. First, though, you have to know how to get into law school!

Have you been wondering how to do exactly that? Well, we hope this post has cleared things up a bit. Keep this 3-step guide in mind and you should be on your way to law school in no time.

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