Being tasked with arranging, executing, and hosting a corporate event, be it one centered around networking or schmoozing clients ahead of a business deal, is by no means a small feat. 

In an effort to help you with your event and ensure success, continue reading to discover how to organize a stylish and productive corporate event. 

Be Creative with Your Theme 

Exercising your creative muscle is part and parcel of creating an ambiance and experience at your corporate event that your attendees simply will not forget in a hurry, and this is why you should begin by linking your theme to the image of your company and core message. 

Additionally, giving the event a name and being savvy with promotional tools will serve to drum up excitement and intrigue as to what lies ahead, regardless of the actual motivation behind the event in the first place. 

Tailor Your Event to Your Audience

To ensure your event runs smoothly and both you and your business get the best possible result from the evening, it is crucial to choose the right guest speakers and activities for the event to best suit your audience. 

In recent years, throughout the world of business, regardless of the specific industry, there has been a notable shift towards the importance of companies making sure their promotional strategies are aligned with their social responsibility of the business, so planning a more personable and unique event will only serve to help. 

Arrange Outside Catering 

It is genuinely in your best interests to arrange for corporate event catering for the evening, whether you are looking to arrange a no-expenses-spared three-course meal or would like to organize a more informal buffet. 

There is a wide plethora of benefits to hiring a renowned and established external catering company, including the following:

  • You will have access to professional catering advice
  • You will save an inordinate amount of time in the planning stage
  • You will be able to choose from a seemingly endless array of food choices
  • You will be guaranteed food hygiene and safety
  • You will notice the higher quality of the food and drink 

Focus on Fun as Well as Business

Unless you have blagged your way into arranging a company corporate event during traditional working hours, chances are your event will be held in the evening, and if so, even though the subject matter and guest speakers are no doubt fascinating, try not to make the event too serious.

Instead, incorporate one or two icebreakers as the event commences and work on creating a space whereby there are opportunities to break out in discussions should the situation call for it. In addition, there is no better way to send happy corporate guests away after an informative yet informal evening than to gift them with some quality-sourced corporate goodie bags.

Not only will each and every guest take home a souvenir of the event, but you can also be clever with certain items of promotional material for your company inside the bags.