The amount of waste we all produce on a daily basis continues to have a negative impact on our environment and wildlife, needing immediate action to slow down the effects we are having on the planet. More of us are becoming aware of our environmental impact and are looking to play our part, making small changes which have minimal impact on our lifestyle but can go a long way. To help you implement easy everyday switches, we’ve pulled together some of the simple changes you can make.


Although things like single use packaging are unavoidable for most of us, actively considering your usage and making better decisions can all add up.

• Switch cling film to reusable wax coverings where possible, minimizing single use plastic with a quick and easy alternative. As well as reducing your plastic usage, choose from tons of fun patterns and colors to brighten up your fridge.

• Instead of sandwich bags, keep hold of any plastic takeaway containers or invest in some new Tupperware’s. These are perfect for packed lunches, freezing leftover meals and carrying snacks on the go without having to waste plastic. To make it even better, the sturdy boxes will prevent your food from getting damaged on the go; it’s a win win!

• Convenience food is a primary contributor to the amount of waste, so keep an eye on your consumption when out and about. It’s always great to bring your own food where possible or look out for businesses or brands who use recycled packaging.


There are many occasions when it’s super easy to reuse your existing goods instead of having to buy new ones, saving you money as you do so.

• When you head out to the supermarket, bring your printed cotton bags along to pack your groceries into. As well as avoiding the carrier bag tax and reducing your plastic intake, their sturdy properties and handy shoulder strap make them a great option.

• It is becoming more common to see reuse stations out and about; either in your local store or at pop up locations around your area, so keep an eye out. They work by bringing your own containers, bottles and jars which are then filled up and charged off weight, so you can refill your existing packaging with ease.


Many households have their own recycling bins and if not, there will be public facilities in your nearby area. By ethically disposing of your waste, it can be given a new lease of life rather than making its way to landfill sites.

• Paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic are widely recyclable, being separated into different bins and buckets where they can be collected and recycled.

• As well as packaging, food waste and garden waste can also be collected and used for various other purposes such as compost and animal feed.

• If you are feeling creative, why not see how you can recycle your household waste to create something new? We’ve seen some amazing creations from straws, carrier bags and tissue papers.