Have you been thinking about using live shopping to sell more products? If so, you’re not alone! This video format has numerous benefits. Here are some ways to make your live shopping videos a success on social media or even on your own site. The more videos you make, the more people will see them, and the more likely they’ll purchase from you. You can even use hashtags to attract more viewers. Then, post them on social media!

Benefits of Live Shopping

• Using live streaming for online retail is an increasingly popular way to reach new audiences.

• It combines the convenience of video content with the commerce benefits of online shopping.

• By using live streaming, you can showcase your products on video and interact with your audience.

• Using Facebook Live, for example, you can provide live streaming opportunities to more potential customers. It is free to use, and is one of the most popular platforms for live streaming.

Social Media Platforms

Live streaming is available through dedicated apps and social media platforms. Onlive is one of those dedicated platforms. Live shopping platforms allow you to stream your video shows in real time on your website, while restreaming them to Social Media to reach more customers. They allow viewers to buy items while watching live shopping video content. Users can ask questions, comment, and leave feedback while watching. Live Streaming has been a huge success for brands, and many startups have raised multimillion-dollar rounds of investment thanks to its numerous benefits. With a little creativity, you can make your own live streaming channel and turn viewers into buyers.

The Easy Ways to Promote Live Shopping Videos

If you want to increase sales with your live streaming videos, you need to build a community around your brand. In this way, you can sell more products, build a relationship with your viewers, and increase conversions. Among the best live shopping influencers is Austin Li, who has a huge following in China. Here are some ways to build a community around your brand. Listed below are some ways to promote your live shopping videos to sell more products.

Urgency And Excitement

Live shopping events are based on feelings of urgency and excitement, which are powerful sales tools. If your product is underperforming, a live shopping session will help you identify the reasons why, and push it to the top of the list. This can lead to a higher conversion rate and higher profits. Live shopping sessions can also be used to boost underperforming products. You can identify probable reasons for underperformance and push them to the top of the sales list.

Live Sales Representative

A recent study reveals that live shopping can increase your eCommerce revenue by 45 percent. Although live shopping has only recently gained popularity in the West, it has already proven its worth in Asia. According to Alfredo Ouro, CEO of live video shopping platform provider Onlive, the conversion rate is up to 47%). This is probably because shoppers tend to convert more after seeing a live sales representative in action.

Live shopping is especially effective on Instagram, as it lends a natural sense of immediacy and engagement. By adding this feature to your feed, you can also reward viewers for tuning in live. You can also include a special offer, bonus product, or other information that makes the purchase seem even better. This way, customers feel as if they’re getting something for nothing. Additionally, live streaming is very easy to share on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to engage customers and increase your brand’s lifetime value. If you have a following of 10,000 or less, you can use Live Shopping to engage with their followers and boost your brand’s ROI. Make sure to choose influencers with engaged followers to get the best ROI for your efforts. Makeup brands are one example of companies that have found success with Live Shopping on Instagram.


Another way to promote live shopping on Instagram is through collaborations with other creators. These collaborations not only increase your visibility but also help you build a community of brand ambassadors. This way, you can get new followers and expand your customer base. Another great way to build a fanbase is to write guides and blog posts about your products. If you create guides with an editorial angle, this will be a great way to advertise your products. When a reader is searching for a particular product, they can use the search bar to find it