A good workout is always a delight to have. On the other hand, getting in a good workout can be challenging, especially when you’re not a fitness freak. And, of course, you’re not hitting the gym to get average results. You go in with the intention of getting the most out of every rep, run, and hard-earned drop of sweat.

There are many ways in which you can get a good workout and other better results. Today we bring you ten ways to improve your workout results and always get that dopamine rush from a good workout!

1. Improve your sleeping habits

Getting enough sleep is critical to making the most of your gym time. This is true every night of the week. According to a 2015 review in Sports Medicine, poor sleep hinders not only your exercise performance (and the number of calories you burn) but also your body’s ability to recover stronger after each workout. Overtraining symptoms, such as fitness plateaus, develop without adequate sleep. Every night, aim for seven to nine hours of sleep.

2. Take a Pre-Workout Supplement

Pre-workout supplementation can help you stay motivated during high-intensity workouts. They can assist you in working out longer and harder. Serious physical training will also result in more muscle, stamina, and minor soreness. All of these advantages combined will provide you with the excellent workout results you desire. Everyone requires the all-empowering pump that comes with a good workout—amino acids and B vitamins in the formula aid in activating nitric oxide production in the body.

3. Workout with a Partner

A partner to work out with is a great way to keep yourself motivated and engage in healthy competition. A workout partner could be anyone from your friend to your family member. You won’t want to fall behind on your workout, so it can be that extra push you need to keep going and achieve new goals. Also, it’s all too easy to find reasons not to go to the gym. This is especially true if you are going alone. However, if you have a workout buddy, you are much more likely to keep going. This is because you may feel bad about not showing up and disappointing them. This could help you stick to your regular workout routine.

4. Induce Variety into your Workouts

To get a well-rounded workout, include enough variety. Even if you find that you only enjoy running, you should still include muscle strengthening in your exercise routine. Free weights, resistance machines, dumbbells, or a combination of these should be used to strengthen muscles. Stretching, flexibility, balance, and posture exercises (Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, or gentle Yoga) should be included to ensure that the muscle strength you gain does not cause your joints to become too tight and stiff.

5. Listen to Music

You may not realise this but listening to the right music while you workout is quite an underrated way to get fantastic workout results. When you listen to music, it instantly puts you in a good mood for a workout. You also get a boost in stamina when playing the right workout music. Music is also known to help distract you from the fatigue or pain you might experience while working out. Playing upbeat, peppy music during your workouts helps you maintain a rhythm. The result of all of this is a great workout session!

Since everyone’s taste is different, we would recommend you create a workout playlist for yourself. Based on your tempo, intensity, and mood, you can play a song that instantly boosts your energy.

6. Stretch Before your Workouts

The first benefit of stretching is that it increases blood flow. Blood flow to your muscles is increased, which prepares them for strenuous activity. Your muscles and tendons will loosen if you stretch correctly. During your workout, this will improve your flexibility and range of motion. Stretching before a workout improves blood flow, flexibility, and range of motion, boosting overall results.

Muscles that remain tight after a workout are more likely to become injured. You can reduce your risk of injury by loosening up your muscles by stretching after a workout. When you stretch after a workout, you allow your body to relax gradually.

7. Consume Carbs Before your Workout

Carbohydrates provide energy to your muscles. The body uses glycogen to process and store glucose, primarily in the liver and muscles. Your glycogen stores are the primary energy source for short and high-intensity exercise.

However, the amount of carbs used during more extended exercises is dependent on several factors. These factors include training intensity, type, and overall diet. The glycogen stores in your muscles are limited. Your output and intensity will decrease as these stores are depleted.

Carbs have been shown in numerous studies to increase glycogen stores and utilization while also increasing carb oxidation during exercise. Carb loading, or eating a high-carb diet for 1–7 days, is a suitable method for increasing glycogen stores.

8. Make a Long-Term Plan

We all want immediate gratification, but it’s critical to set a realistic time frame for achieving your goal. Long-term changes take time. You will never complete an overhaul in a week. Instead, choose a goal that can be accomplished over a period of months or even a year. You’ll be much more likely to stick to your goal if you approach it with a long-term mindset rather than a quick fix mentality.

Final Words

Getting great workout results is just a tiny step in its direction. When you build the habits mentioned above, you start to pave your way toward good workout results. Above all, you must never forget that workouts are a long-term game. You need to be in it for the long term to see results. Be consistent with your workouts, and it will surely pay off.