For more than 40 years, BHS Kinetic (BHS) has been a trusted partner to the semiconductor sector, handling and transporting highly sensitive and valuable equipment. Now, BHS Kinetics is opening its first North American office in Scottsdale, Arizona, to bolster the growing semiconductor ecosystem in Greater Phoenix.

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“This new U.S. operation will allow for BHS to support its semiconductor clients in the country with rigging and installation of equipment,” said Dave Tan, BHS Kinetic General Manager of North America and Europe. “It also strategically positions BHS to expand its transportation and warehousing service lines, including Clean Space and Clean Storage.”

BHS Kinetics is joining a community of businesses at the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, SkySong, which supports high-growth industry in Greater Phoenix that links technology, research, education and entrepreneurship on a 42-acre campus in Scottsdale.

“BHS’s presence at SkySong will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the region’s already flourishing semiconductor ecosystem, creating new opportunities for collaboration and job creation,” said Scott Cooper, Scottsdale’s acting economic development director. “This exciting development is a testament to Scottsdale’s reputation as a premier destination for technological advancement and innovation.”

Semiconductor manufacturing influences developments across technology, electronic, transportation, scientific and healthcare sectors. Demand throughout the U.S. has resulted in widespread investment in the semiconductor supply chain. BHS is a powerful tool for connecting different semiconductor segments to support growth.

“The addition of BHS Kinetic into our region will contribute to a crucial element of the semiconductor ecosystem that is rapidly growing in Greater Phoenix,” said GPEC President & CEO Chris Camacho. “With its new home at SkySong, BHS is at the center of regional research and technology.”

BHS is working with local institutions of higher learning to create opportunities for new graduates with a range of open positions from mechanical installers, technicians and riggers to front office and business positions. For immediate and future roles, visit for the list of open positions in Greater Phoenix.

BHS Kinetics joins a growing number of companies coming to Greater Phoenix for opportunities in semiconductor manufacturing, including semiconductor chemical supplier KPCT, petrochemical supplier Chang Chun Arizona and technology manufacturer Yield Engineering Systems.