Poland, the promised land of huge opportunities, has been one of the top destinations for investors for years. The reason for that is simple on one hand, and complex on the other. The quick answer is that their capital is safe there and that the Return of Investment is impressive. But what makes it possible are the incredible Polish people that are talented, well-educated, and simply do their best.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. People who have never been to Poland before are often very surprised by what they see and experience there. Civilizational ties and geographical closeness with the West make it very safe, clean, predictable, and full of opportunities. Moreover, in Poland, Central European Time (CET) is in use that makes doing business in this country even easier. The list of Poland’s advantages is much longer and worth knowing also when it comes to IT recruitment Poland.

The country

Poland is a successful Central European country belonging to the European Union and is a sixth economy (by GDP/PPP) there. However, due to its central location, it is sometimes – mistakenly – called an Eastern or even Northern European one. But, since it’s situated in the very center of Europe, it’s easy to get to various European locations from there. They include Scandinavia, the Balkans as well as countries such as Ukraine and Belarus. An extensive network of highways, motorways, and airports makes it pleasant and simple.

This modern, shiny, and new infrastructure enables getting fast to virtually all European states but also other Polish cities. And there are at least several that are focused on high tech and may be perfect for IT recruitment Poland. These include not only the capital Warsaw but also Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice, Lodz, and Gdansk, to name but a few.

Poland’s assets are well appreciated by thousands of investors who decide to do business just here. Why? Interestingly, in 2018, Poland joined the elite club of the 25 most advanced (or developed) global economies in the world. This way, the leading global index provider FTSE Russell, placed this country alongside Germany, France, the UK, or the USA.

Also, Poland ranks very high in the Human Development Index comparison by the United Nations Development Programme. In the 2020 report, Poland ranked 35th out of 189 states. It was ahead of countries such as Hungary (40th), Russia (52nd), Turkey (54th), and Ukraine (74th). Such data as education, health, and Gross National Income per capita were taken into account. What also separates Poland from Ukraine or Belarus is that in Poland Latin alphabet is in use, and not Cyrillic. For this reason, it’s easier for foreign visitors to find their way in the new country and reality.

The people

But there’s more. Within countless Polish cities and towns, there live thousands of well-educated, English-speaking people. Their command of English is really impressive and foreigners truly appreciate it. Surprisingly (to some), Poles belong to the top non-native English speakers on the planet. In the 2019 EF English Proficiency Index, they ranked 11th in the whole world.

There are 38 million people living in Poland. 44% of young adults are bachelor or university graduates (as of 2018). A few hundred thousand people complete tertiary education every year. For instance, in 2020, there were about 12 thousand fresh graduates of Information and Communication Technologies, according to Statista. On top of that, the next thousands completed studies in fields such as mathematics and statistics.

In general, Poles are known for their entrepreneurial talents, vitality, versatility, and adaptive capabilities. They were able to master them during the communist era that had lasted over 40 years after WWII. But for over 30 years they have built the economic strength of their country with immense success and remarkable achievements.

The IT job market

Powerful – competent and resourceful – IT workforce is easily accessible across the whole country. There are about 300.000 IT professionals in Poland, and the number of software companies nears 50 thousand. They live across the whole country, and not only in the biggest tech hubs. As for the latter, there are 7 major ones – Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Lodz, Tricity, Wrocaw, and Katowice. There is a great variety of high-tech specialists and technologies they specialize in to choose from.

Also, there are a variety of ways of cooperating with Polish developers. B2B contracts are immensely popular these days in this sector, and employment contracts are not necessary in many cases. Remote or hybrid models have also become very common among Polish programmers in recent years. The decision on how to hire IT specialists is up to investors. They may choose a freelance basis of cooperation or a dedicated team of specialists. Also, the client may hire them on their own, or Sowelo may be the entity that does it.

IT recruitment Poland

As you can see, doing business in such a country is one of the best ideas you may get. But, of course, the decision to do so cannot be hasty and reckless. You certainly need assistance to know all the ins and outs of IT recruitment Poland beforehand. And there is no better guide to the Polish reality than Sowelo Consulting recruitment agency.

This is a well-renowned recruitment company that sources high-class professionals, including managers and IT staff. Within 15 years of the agency’s existence, it helped hundreds of clients find the best people in the market. This includes many high-tech businesses who discovered Sowelo in the COVID times and take advantage of Polish software developers’ talents.

Apart from IT recruitment Poland, the agency also offers services such as headhunting, Executive Search and Direct Search. Interim Recruitment, Employer Branding, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing are also in the cards. Whatever the assignment, Sowelo’s dedicated and experienced consultants direct all their efforts to a single project. They can contact their clients with several great candidates within days. That’s because they have access to an extensive candidate database, built for years.

What’s more, clients enjoy a 6-months warranty, and Sowelo may deliver another candidate for the same position free of charge. This embraces instances when the first candidate provided quits or is dismissed within this period. Such security and partnership are values that Sowelo’s clients, often returning ones, appreciate greatly.

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