It’s no secret that living in England’s capital city can be expensive. Whether you’re heading out for a dinner date during the week, clubbing with friends on the weekend, or just paying your internet bill, London finds a way to make sure it costs you. If you feel like your salary isn’t keeping up, perhaps it’s time to look at ways to supplement your income.

Of course, we don’t all have the time or resources to head out and hustle, so finding ways to do it from the comfort of home is probably your best bet. The internet is home to countless resources for learning how to make money online, as well as opportunities that both beginners and internet experts can make good use of.

To help you find a web-based gig that suits your skills and requirements, get inspired by this list of ways to supplement your income online while living in London.

English Tutoring

If you have a knack for English and an interest in passing on knowledge, teaching kids online might be right up your alley. In most cases, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and a bachelor’s degree is all you’ll need. You don’t need to have studied at a university or have any prior teaching experience.

As an English tutor, you’ll mainly be working with kids in countries like China over video chat technology at hours of your choosing. Being in the UK puts you at a huge advantage, as it’s next to the US as the most in-demand location for online tutors. This means there are plenty of opportunities on a wide variety of websites for tutoring English.


By now, you may have heard of the popular freelancer platform known as Fiverr. This website acts as a huge marketplace where anyone can offer just about any service. While its payment system initially followed its namesake, you can charge more than five US dollars for your services, with options for multiple tiers.

These days, Fiverr seems to allow just about any service to be posted. You could offer professional work such as video editing, writing, proofreading, graphic design, programming or music production.

What you can sell on Fiverr isn’t limited to your skills or qualifications, but rather your creativity. So, don’t hesitate to think outside of the box. You might just come up with the next hot seller!

Casino Gaming

While a bit different to other gigs mentioned on this list, you can make some money from online casinos. Luck does play a role in your chances of winning, but so does strategy. Once you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of slots, poker or roulette, you can have a look at MobileWins, one of the top phone casinos available for mobile devices, allowing you to earn on the go.

Amazon MTURK

The online retail giant’s “Mechanical TURK” service has been around for some time now, providing merchants with affordable services such as data entry, translation, proofreading and internet research. But of course, somebody has to perform these services in the first place. Fortunately, Amazon has made it possible for that to be you.

Given its popularity, MTURK is constantly flooded with new work. As a registered member, you can choose which tasks you want to take on. The estimated time and payment is usually included for each task. Depending on your skills and how much time you have available, you can earn anything from a few pounds to over £80 per day.

Start a Blog

If you don’t feel like dealing with deadlines or speaking to clients, starting your own blog is a good way to go. Once you’ve got everything up and running, you’ll make your money from sponsored posts, ad placements and affiliate commissions. With enough of a time and effort investment, running your own blog can be highly lucrative.

Content Writing

Being a successful content writer isn’t all that difficult. Provided you are proficient in English, have good communication skills, and are knowledgeable on a certain topic or niche, your only real challenge will be finding work. A popular way that content writers get started is making use of websites such as Upwork and Freelancer. 

These are like marketplaces, where clients either find writers to work for them, or writers find clients to work for. Keep in mind that rates paid here generally aren’t as spectacular as what you’d get when finding a client outside of these websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways for you to find work online as a content writer.

These are just a few of the countless opportunities that the internet offers Londoners who want to supplement their income. Don’t hesitate to get started, as every pound you earn is not only extra cash in your wallet, but also a valuable learning experience.