Globalization conquered the world. The business faces crucial changes in technology, dynamic external as well as internal environmental behavior, absolutely new requirements on products and services, and more challenging expectations of modern clients and users. It’s a must that organizations respond to those changes otherwise they put things in a huge potential risk. To keep driving, companies should analyze possible risks and manage them. Here comes a Project Manager!

The notion of project management has initially appeared in the IT sphere. That is why it is IT that has a high demand for professionals who “manage.” To be sure, every solid business requires Project Managers because this position really makes economic sense. Project Managers have already colonized such industries as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, insurance, and utility industries. The good news is this is just the beginning! (To get more detailed info, ask at

Actually, the Project Manager is considered the coolest employee in the company. No kidding, this specialist is likely to have ten arms, ten eyes, and memory for ten terabytes. To coordinate projects is an occupation that consumes tons of nerves. Not everyone might dare to control the progress of all procedures in the company, adjust employees if the deadline is close, and convince the client that “this button is vitally important to be here.” So, this work is hard but, at the same time, entertaining.

Importance of Project Management

Ok, we have discovered that project management is in extremely high demand in many industries nowadays. But the question is “Why is it significant?” The reason for such popularity isthat enterprises experience fierce rivalry day-by-day. It’s natural they have to struggle with global challenges.

In order to successfully cope with such challenges, companies require a structured approach to design, support, control, and manage their both internal capabilities and external resources. All those things are implemented with the only target — deliver innovational results in time. It is a Project Manager who enters that challenge! Such specialists with proficient project skills contribute much to managing various project levels and complexities. A career in the sphere of project management is considered a coveted path to shape an amazing future.

Well, if you are intrigued and desire to get to know in more details why working as a Project Manager is cool, this article is composed right to satisfy your curiosity. As an alternative, if you decided to become a Project Manager but still hesitate, we will additionally demonstrate you why they should move further.

Key Reasons to Become a Project Manager

Let’s discuss why young people are dreaming about the career of being a Project Manager. Below they may discover the key benefits of obtaining the position:

• Future prospects. Due to the increase of business startups nowadays, the demand for skilled Project Managers is increasing as well. So developing one’s career that way, you will be rewarded by many opportunities for successful self-fulfillment. The Project Management Institute reports that around twenty-five (!) million job positions in project management will be opened until 2027. Sounds inspiring, agree?

• More than decent compensation. Project Managers are proved to receive attractive salaries. The reason for that is such professionals are capable of taking challenges, predicting and preventing risks in complex scenarios.

• Let’s refer to the data received by the reliable source, i.e. the Project Management Institute. In one of their research works called the “Project Management Salary Survey – 10th Edition” we observe that in the US the annualized median income of a Project Manager is one hundred twenty thousand US dollars.

• Specialists in India earn around twenty-six thousand US dollars. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of the entry-level specialist is sixty-two thousand US dollars.

• Note that highly experienced and certified specialists may expect to get a double salary from the entry level or even more;

• People-oriented job. If you are fond of being surrounded by people and, moreover, are excellent at managing them, this position is created for you! Project Managers masterly manage shareholders and investors and make money off that.

By the way, some people think about Project Managers as being CEO. They kind of have a point. People of both roles come across similar responsibilities. They organize and control project teams, work with clients and investors. At the same time, both have to cope with financial restraints.

Other Privileges of the Role

Every position has some specific features that make it desirable for careerists. Project management is not an exception. Here they suggest a set of bonus features of the role:

• Celebrate natural skills. Without doubt, to be really good at this sphere, you require experience and project management training to make the running. However, that is not enough. You also need some specific personal traits of character not everybody has. Those natural skills include being self-supporting, organized, and be capable of thinking outside the box. Working as a Project Manager allows applying natural skills to show your “A” game at work;

• Become an excellent communicator. Obtaining this position, you will definitely learn how to deliver your ideas and thoughts to other people. Project Managers interconnect with others 24/7. It’s a fact. But the point is “HOW” they discuss things. Be sure that it’s not the same thing to talk equally to designers and developers, ok? The more practice you have, the higher the level of communicative skills you gain;

• Travel worldwide. One of the obvious benefits to be a Project Manager is the opportunity to go on business trips to various countries. So, if you love journeys, you will definitely travel across the globe in order to check how things are going on in multiple projects;

• Varied industrial sectors. Being a Project Manager doesn’t mean you may show your talents only in one industry. This dynamic role allows displaying 100% personal productivity in a number of environments. The only exception is the IT sphere. In other spheres you are close to experiencing exciting work scenarios;

• Flexible working hours. In this case, don’t cherish illusions too much. A Project Manager works like a beaver. But it’s not a standard nine-to-six schedule. You get the entire flexibility in time to perform duties your own way. Moreover, such virtual tools as conferences via Skype provide you with additional flexibility to work remotely;

• “Live and learn” opportunity. This role suggests an incredible chance to learn new things on a daily basis. This not an exaggeration! Project managers are always learning. Every new day brings new challenges for Project Managers. New complex tasks require additional knowledge and non-standard approach to cope with.

To stay afloat, specialists should be ready to regularly update their knowledge of new markets, services, products, technology, customers, business processes, and structures.

Note that learning opportunity doesn’t relate to coordinating extra hard projectsonly. Many skillful Project Managers get a promotion in the form of the CEO position. This role requires taking leadership and thus greater responsibility to control people, projects, and financial outcomes on an absolutely new level.

Finally, there is one more important thing about people “who manage.” Project Managers are not just team leaders. They are those who take colossal responsibility of all ups and down. They actually share the success of their teams. The true Project Manager is the leader who would never comment as “that solution was the result of MY work” but the one who would share “the results you witness was the work of MY TEAM.”

We witness that Project Managers have a brilliant future as well as huge demand at the market. If you desire to get a solid salary, maintain an eligible lifestyle, travel worldwide, deal with new challenges, and learn new things and skills from time to time, this role is the best choice for you. So, start making your wonderful career right now!