Building on a long tradition of support for our veterans, Salt River Project has expanded its efforts to recruit, hire and retain veteran employees.

SRP is expanding its current policy to provide full pay for up to two years for employees called to active duty. Current SRP employees who are also Arizona National Guard members or reservists will be given 22 days per year of paid leave, which doubles the current policy.

“We know how much of an impact being called up for Guard or active duty can have on their lives, and we want to make it easier for them to serve their country knowing they can still support their families,” said Rob Nichols, SRP senior director of Human Resources.

In addition, SRP launched a new webpage ( that will provide a job skills translator that will make it easier for veterans to learn how their education and experience in the military qualifies them for specific SRP jobs. The initiative allows SRP to recognize the military training applicants did receive, and to hire people with very specific skill sets that are highly valued.

The goal of the Military/Veteran Outreach and Recruiting Initiative is to more effectively utilize the available pool of veteran and military candidates to benefit SRP’s work force and retain them once they are hired.

According to the Department of Defense, employment opportunities for veterans ranks as a top concern for military families. Many veterans and transitioning service members reported that they didn’t know much about the transition resources available to them, according to the survey.

“Each of the armed services provide world-class technical training to ensure that military personnel are up to any challenge,” said Carrie Young, SRP senior director of Corporate Operations Services who served 20 years in the Air Force before joining SRP. “Often, these are skills that can be easily transferred and successfully implemented in the workplace.”

SRP also supports Employee Interest Groups like the SRPVETS. The purpose of SRPVETS is to implement and maintain relationships with the military and veteran communities; provide networking, leadership and other growth opportunities to its members; and participate in fund-raising and outreach programs in support of veteran nonprofit organizations.

In recognition of the SRP Military/Veteran Outreach and Recruiting Initiative, SRP has been recognized as an Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families.