ESI Ergonomic Solutions CEO Carol Keogh.

few simple tweaks to the design of an office space can make all the difference when it comes to employee productivity.

Mesa-based ESI Ergonomic Solutions CEO Carol Keogh has launched a national campaign called “Workspaceology,” which focuses on the science of workplace design as it relates to company culture and how designing a workplace that fits employee needs can lead to higher productivity and talent retention.

Keogh’s campaign hopes to raise awareness among business owners about the importance of employee wellness and happiness, which in turn makes them better employees. The key, Keogh said, is to focus on adaptive workspaces that cater to individual’s needs, while fulfilling non-work-based necessities through wellness programs.

“Having the option to easily modify the workstation for sitting and standing is important,” Keogh said. Additionally, she said it is important for employees to have the option to control noise or distractions, to have the option for a quiet workspace and to have a place to collaborate.

Keogh also stresses the importance of proper lighting to create a better work environment. She said a lot of  natural light is the best, but the best alternative is LED lighting.