Founded by creative executive leaders, Keymakers is a members-only organization comprised of business owners and c-suite roles who are seeking purposeful executive connections.

Jason Monczka and Cassie Wells founded Keymakers after the discovery that executive leaders in high demand typically avoid traditional networking avenues.  

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The concept was inspired by the proven fact that traditional networking amongst sales and business development roles does yield incredible results, though there is no forum that currently exists exclusively for c-suite executives and business owners. 

“We wanted to develop a new standard for creating professional connections in Arizona,” said Monczka. “Keymakers has the ability to unlock doors and provide its members the opportunity to walk through.”

The members-only organization will use a revolutionized approach to connect executives in small groups through exclusive, unique, and memorable experiences with direct access to powerful decision-makers in settings where true connections are made. 

There are two categories of membership available as well as sponsorship opportunities. Members will have access to multiple events including, but not limited to, celebrity chef-hosted luncheons, wine tastings, Navy SEALs experiences, and more. 

“I have been in the industry for 12 years and have a deep passion for business development,” said Wells. “Business isn’t completed through just contracts and transactions. When one focuses on exceptional connections, authentic relationships and a deep respect for one another, the business falls into place.” 

Membership capacity will be limited. For more information on Keymakers or to inquire about their services, please visit