Researchers at CoworkingCafe ranked the top 20 cities where a strong work culture fuels economic progress and Scottsdale ranks as the No. 8 hardest-working U.S. city.

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CoworkingCafe’s methodology goes beyond mere work hours, employment and unemployment rates, looking at the nuances of employment across different age groups by also factoring in the idle population. For a more comprehensive analysis, CoworkingCafe grouped these metrics into three categories: work, productivity and efficiency.

Key Arizona takeaways

  • The hard-working residents of Scottsdale earned their city 8th place among the top 20 cities, with almost 71 total points;
  • The city earned the second-best efficiency score out of all cities analyzed (outdone only by Bellevue, WA), with more than 26% of residents working from home and an average commute time of just more than 21 minutes;
  • Scottsdale ranked 5th in the work category, with an average work week of nearly 41 hours, snatching third place among the top performers nationwide;
  • Scottsdale’s young workforce was another key to its economic vitality, with nearly 62% actively contributing to the local economy among those aged 16 to 24

Key national takeaways

  • Arlington, VA emerged as the hardest-working U.S. city with the lowest share of idle population and highest employment rate in its active age group, followed by neighboring Alexandria, VA.
  • Sunnyvale, CA rounded out the podium, taking the pole position for its highest productivity, joined by two metro-area neighbors in the top 20.
  • The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Texas took 5 positions in the top 20, led by Carrollton at #4, followed by FriscoIrvingDallas and McKinney.
  • Sioux Falls, SD was the hardest-working Midwestern city with a well-rounded performance across all work, productivity and efficiency metrics analyzed.
  • Cambridge, MA was the top contender from the Northeast, earning the highest score for overall employment rate and density of coworking spaces.