Individuals who love to work with people should consider pursuing a career in real estate. Sales agents and real estate broker’s work with clients looking to buy, sell, or rent a property. A real estate broker possesses a license allowing them to manage their own business, while sales agents must work under a broker. These individuals take on many tasks throughout the day. Success as a real estate agent requires the agent or broker to match a client with the perfect property or protect the interests of a seller in a transaction. What does a person need to know regarding this career before moving forward with their plans to enter the field?


Real estate brokers and sales agents must undergo training before working in the field. The first step involves enrolling in state-accredited pre-licensing courses, although some states waive the requirement for candidates with real estate college courses under their belt. Certain employers now require agents to have a college degree, as the industry continues to become more complex and competitive. Anyone looking to open their own business will need marketing, accounting, and other business courses. However, many agents and brokers continue to struggle even after completing the required training. They are missing something, and Guaranteed Success Plan supplies this missing element.

Important Qualities

Interpersonal skills become of great importance when interacting with the public. Sales agents and real estate brokers must be pleasant, trustworthy, and energetic. They need to enjoy meeting new people and finding out about their likes and dislikes to locate the right property or buyer. Problem-solving skills help when a client has a concern about a property, as the agent or broker finds a solution to the issue being raised. In addition, the agent or broker mediates negotiations, and the problem-solving skills allow them to advocate on behalf of the client. Organizational skills on the part of the agent or broker allow them to work independently while organizing and prioritizing their work.

The Duties of an Agent or Broker

Real estate agents and brokers solicit clients and advise these individuals on properties, market conditions, mortgages, and prices. For instance, a family with young children wants information about local schools, and the agent needs to share this information about the educational system. An older couple may want information about cultural opportunities in the area, and the broker must be ready to share this information as well. To find the right property for a buyer, the agent generates lists of unique properties before narrowing down the options to find those most aligned with the client’s preferences. The agent then take the buyer to see these properties.

Agents and brokers also work with sellers, comparing properties to determine a fair price, and promoting the property to attract a large pool of potential buyers. The agent or broker represents the client when exchanging offers and mediating negotiations. In addition, they prepare and review all contracts associated with the transaction to ensure they overlook nothing. These serves as only some tasks a real estate professional may handle on any day, and others arise as well.

Work Environment

Real estate agents work in a range of settings. Some men and women choose to work in a traditional office setting while others opt to work out of their home. Agents spend much of their time visiting properties with clients or to meet buyers, take pictures, prepare for open houses, and more. Fifty-seven percent of real estate brokers choose to be their own boss, while 39 percent work in real estate as well as rental and leasing for a company. Fifty-six percent of sales agents are self-employed, 35 percent work in real estate and rental and leasing for someone else, and three percent work in construction.

Agents and brokers often work nights and weekends to accommodate their clients’ schedules, and many men and women find they work over 40 hours a week. However, some individuals work in real estate part-time, maintaining a full-time job elsewhere. It’s all a matter of what the person desires as they build a following in this field. Networking remains an important part of building a successful real estate career, as the more people an agent or broker interacts with, the larger the potential client base.


Depending on where a real estate agent works, they may enjoy certain benefits. Some brokerages offer health insurance, dental and vision insurance, mileage reimbursement, and professional development assistance. In addition, some agents receive parental leave, stock options, and an employee discount as part of their compensation package. Most agents find they can work from home and maintain a flexible schedule to meet the needs of their family. These are only some benefits offered by real estate brokerages for their agents. Real estate brokers choose the benefits they wish to have for their company and their employees, as they run the business. They maintain full control over this area.


According to, the average salary for a real estate agent in America today is $80,450 per year. ZipRecruiter reports the average annual salary of a real estate agent in New York is $90,928, which is the highest in the country. In contrast, agents in North Carolina make an average yearly salary of $66,687. Many factors play roles in the salary an agent makes, including experience and location. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field should compare salary estimates from multiple locations to get a better understanding of how much they could make working in this field.

Imagine helping a young couple find the perfect residence to accommodate their growing family. Envision doing the same for an older couple looking to downsize after their children leave home. Now picture yourself helping an entrepreneur find the perfect location for the business they wish to open. Real estate brokers and sales agents help their clients’ dreams come true every day. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, learn more about a career in real estate today. Your dream job may be within reach, so be sure to check this career opportunity out today.