Competition is a hallmark of any industry and automotive visionaries are constantly on the prowl for innovation, looking to beat their competition and earn the rights for new, revolutionary concepts.

Tesla has exemplified this dedication outstandingly, reaching $93 billion dollars in value by introducing and implementing a series of game-changing ideas: their Model S and Model X jump-started the obsession with electric cars and compelled other automakers to incorporate their own versions; back in 2015, the Tesla models brought semi-autonomous reliability, managing to showcase a car that didn’t stray from its lane as it kept a safe speed and distance from traffic; and, perhaps its tour de force, an over-the-air update that allows cars to learn, improve and adapt on their performance on the road.

Marc Zaransky, an expert who has worked in the automotive industry for 35 years, overseeing a family business that has evolved into the largest independent leasing company in Illinois, unveils a few of the extravagant vehicles that have hit the market with the hopes of matching Tesla’s elegance.

Karma Automotive’s Electric Choices

First up, Karma Automotive has displayed its new Revero, a plug-in hybrid that is an electric extension of the car that was originally named as the Karma. Still with us? Good, because Marc Zaransky states that this is merely the beginning of the company’s electric vehicle program.

Near the end of this year, Karma intends to present an electric pickup truck, one that is based off its new all-wheel-drive platform that will be produced at the organization’s factory in southern California. Priced at $135,000 dollars, with architectural designs that are also expected to be utilized for a high-end sport utility vehicle, Karma Automotive’s electric pickup truck is putting acclaimed companies like Tesla, Ford and General Motors, all of which have teased similar models, on notice.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche’s Taycan is the manufacturer’s first all-electric sports car, Marc Zaransky notes, and it has received amazing reviews throughout the world, a development that is certain to see the German company promote more electric models.

Next year’s Taycan will come equipped with an intuitive heads-up display and intelligent Smartlift chassis function.

A color head-up display will project useful information directly into the driver’s field of vision, dividing itself into the main display section, status section and a section with temporary content, like phone calls or voice control commands.

As for the Smartlift function, available on models with adaptive air suspension, the electric Taycan can be programmed to automatically rise in various conditions that are frequently encountered, such as a speed bump or driveway. Also, the Smartlift function can actively control the vehicle’s ride height on the highway, adjusting the level to an ideal compromise between efficiency and travel comfort.

Function on Demand (FoD) allows Taycan drivers to purchase several conveniences and assist functions, regardless if it is during the initial transaction or after taking delivery of their new car. Over-the-air updates make it unnecessary to visit a dealership for the software package’s installation. Complimenting the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager (PIRM), which is already included as a Function on Demand, Active Lane Keep Assist and Porsche InnoDrive for cars with Adaptive Cruise Control will be added options for consumers to consider.

Simplified charging with be another feature of the 2021 Taycan, as drivers will only need to plug in the charging cable and wait for authentication to be automatically completed by the ISO 15118 standard. Charging stations will be capable of identifying the connected vehicle and processing payments securely.

Marc Zaransky on the Rivian R1T Pickup Truck

Rivian’s fully electric creation, the R1T pickup truck, is larger than a Ford Ranger but smaller than the F-150, explaining its classification as a midsize SUV, according to Marc Zaransky.

While trucks are not generally praised for their appearance, the R1T’s futuristic design might just persuade the average pickup driver to opt for the electric alternative, especially when they realize that the flexible chassis stores independent air suspension and a quad electric motor for each wheel.

There will be various battery packs to choose from, all with the assurance that charging from five to 80 %will take less than an hour and Level 3 autonomous driving technologies will be enabled.

Furthermore, Rivian’s commitment to quality will be apparent in the R1T’s interior, a personal pledge to deliver ultra-sophisticated new vehicles to their consumers that emulate or exceed the likes of Audi, Bentley, Lincoln, and Lamborghini.

Buyers fascinated with this attention to interior detail can now preorder the R1T, which will have a start price of $69,000 dollars and reach the sales floor later in 2020.