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Super Lawyers: Jennings Strouss, Lewis Roca, Burch & Cracchiolo, Coppersmith Brockelman

16 Apr

23 Jennings Strouss attorneys recognized in Super Lawyers Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C., a leading Phoenix-based law firm, announce that…

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What happens to the dog during a divorce?

11 Apr

When spouses get divorced, Arizona law requires that the community property be divided, and the sole separate property be confirmed…

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Here’s how to patent your invention

8 Apr

Before turning your unique ideas into reality, you must get patents for your original invention. The US Patent & Trademark…

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5 types of medical malpractice you need to know

5 Apr

Doctors might have to attend several years of medical school and go through countless hours of training before they can…

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Avoid these 7 mistakes when filing a workers compensation claim

1 Apr

Each year, more than 3 million people in the United States are injured in a job-related accident. Fortunately, many of…

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The pros and cons of wills vs. trusts

21 Mar

While we are young, many of us neglect to consider what will happen to our family and property after we…

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Here are litigation trends you need to watch

21 Mar

With 2019 now well underway, it is worth taking a few minutes to discuss current Arizona litigation trends, as well…

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March Madness: Everybody loses if your pool is illegal

19 Mar

With the National Collegiate Athletic Association annual basketball tournament in full swing, fans in Arizona are making their picks and…

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A look at Jeff Bezos’ $140 billion divorce

15 Mar

What happens when the richest human beings on the planet file to dissolve their marriage in a community property state,…

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SMB alert: Beware of 2019 tax scams

13 Mar

Whether a family-owned restaurant, a healthcare service provider in a rural market or a local real estate office, companies of all…

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