Low angle view of the front part of a car after an accident.

February 24, 2020

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Know your rights when it comes to public liability accidents and claims

Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries from accidents in public places. Many of these accidents are the classic ‘slip and fall’ mishap, which could result in only a minor injury or potentially something far more serious, particularly for the elderly.

Getting in touch with compensation lawyers is the best way to understand the law and know where you stand if you’ve suffered a personal injury and want to make a compensation claim, but we’ll cover some things you should be aware of so you have an idea of how it all works before you approach a specialist law firm.

Some Common Public Liability Accidents

As mentioned in the introduction, the slip and fall incident is a very common example of a personal injury occurring in a public place. One location where this type of mishap often occurs is in stores and shopping centres, especially supermarkets and food courts. Anywhere there are spills and where floors are being regularly mopped there is a chance of a slip and fall. That’s why signage must always be in place to mark the wet area.

Something that young children and the elderly are more prone to are falls on a footpath or paved area. This can occur when a piece of concrete is out of alignment with the rest of the pathway, leading to someone tripping over and potentially suffering bruising, abrasions or even a broken bone. It can be quite easy to trip and stumble on uneven ground that you’re expecting to be even, and if you don’t see it coming, there’s every chance of a fall taking place.

Another scenario might involve renovation or construction work going on where materials and equipment are left lying about. These are a definite hazard, and if people aren’t careful it could lead to an accident and possible severe injury. There’s even the possibility that something could fall from above, and if proper safety precautions haven’t been adhered to, then that would definitely be a time when the injured party could sue for compensation.

This section hasn’t covered every possible scenario, as there are likely hundreds, but it gives you an idea of the common types of accidents that can occur in public places, ones which you can make a compensation claim for.

Once again, to fully understand your rights and the law, it’s best to speak with a lawyer who deals with public liability and personal injury claims.

Why a Lawyer Is Your Best Friend

As soon as you mention the word ‘lawyer’, most people instantly think expensive fees and not affordable, but this isn’t really true; particularly when it comes to personal injury law.


Because many of these law firms offer fantastic deals just to get your business. For instance, personal injury lawyers will usually waive any fee for your very first consultation with them. What this means is that you can make an appointment with a lawyer and sit down with them to discuss your case without the stress of having to pay for their time. Your lawyer will take your accident into consideration and the circumstances surrounding it and determine if you have a good chance of a successful compensation claim.

It’s a no lose situation for the client and that’s exactly what you want when you’re already dealing with the hardship of an injury.

Many personal injury lawyers also offer the ‘no win no fee’ deal, so if they lose your case you pay nothing, and you only pay their fee once a successful outcome has been obtained. So once again, it’s a no lose scenario for you.

Another important point to keep in mind is that these law firms are interacting with the insurance companies on a daily basis. It’s much harder for insurers to deny claims when they know it’s come via a reputable law firm. It’s a different situation if you go it alone and make your own claim. There’s every chance the insurer will come up with an excuse to deny your claim and leave you stranded.