Entrepreneurship requires grit, discipline, the right information — and plenty of willingness to take action. 

There isn’t just one answer to becoming your own boss. It’s a lifestyle that you need to buy into wholesale. When you are constantly feeding your mind good information from successful entrepreneurs who are walking the walk, you will be better able to turn inspiration into action. 

When you want advice that will nourish you as both a business owner and a professional that is taking the steps in your personal life, there are a few great entrepreneurs that you’ll want to soak up knowledge from. 

Read on to learn from these entrepreneurs who teach you how to become successful in business. 

1. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas hit the scene due in large part to a viral video of a speech he gave. The biggest takeaway from that video was the advice that when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then, and only then will you live the life of your dreams. 

This advice will shake you to your core when you really internalize it. Eric Thomas has spent the last several years putting out the “Thank God It’s Monday (T.G.I.M.)” series, the “Secrets to Success” podcast, several speeches and loads of other free content, in addition to books and other content. 

2. Owen Cook

Owen Cook is an entrepreneur that currently runs the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) brand. This brand strives to teach people how to live life to their highest potential by working through their trauma and setbacks, in order to find success in their love life, business, and life as a whole. 

Owen regularly takes the time to challenge your paradigms, and is known to offer great reading materials that consist of everything from David R. Hawkins’ “Power vs. Force” to Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”.

3. Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a glowing success story because she went from being on government assistance and having a baby she struggled taking care of, to becoming a thriving CEO and motivational speaker. 

She went from only having a few bucks to her name and not being able to buy a single diaper for her newborn son, to starting a coaching, authorship and motivational business that is worth millions. Nichols puts out quality content and is one of the most gifted speakers in the world today. 

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Today, Gary Vaynerchuk and entrepreneurship are virtually synonymous. He’s written several books and puts out some of the most valuable content to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to starting their own enterprises. 

Gary Vee is known for regularly dropping jewels for people needing tips for small business owners that need motivation and guidance. 

5. Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is basically a serial entrepreneur, who has made it in everything from the music business to a private jet company. 

He also has interesting takes on life and is willing to share his philosophy on mortality, health and fitness, fatherhood and striving to become your personal best self. His books “Living With a SEAL” and “Living With the Monks” are both best sellers. 

Become Successful in Business on Your Terms

You can definitely learn how to become successful in business when you follow these entrepreneurs. 

Since this is a lifestyle that you have to embrace, it’s best to learn from those in the arena who are doing the same. The five entrepreneurs above will give you an excellent foundation whenever you need a shot of motivation and some great knowledge. 

Check back for more content that can help you in your quest as an entrepreneur, and for your life as a whole.