Ross Lucas has been appointed Southwest Regional Manager and leader of the Phoenix office of Littlejohn Engineering Associates.

Lucas relocated from the Nashville office of Littlejohn to Phoenix two years ago as part of the merger with Evans Kuhn & Associates. This appointment is a significant step in a planned management transition.

Lucas has gained a thorough understanding of the local Phoenix engineering market, which together with his national engineering experience, gives a new perspective and adds to the capabilities of the Phoenix office.

As part of this planned management transition, John Kuhn moves to a Senior Consultant role assisting Lucas and the Phoenix staff and consulting with clients regarding site acquisition, planning, entitlements, design and construction matters.

Working with healthcare clients has been a large part of the firm’s engineering practice for the past 25 years. With the current emphasis on “wellness” as a driving force in healthcare, Kuhn intends to explore opportunities for healthcare organizations and hospitals to work together with community planners in public agencies to promote healthier communities.