Your Arizona business deserves the best. It is businesses like yours that make Arizona so unique and special, after all, but it will never be appreciated if you cannot connect with your customer base. You could offer the secret to eternal youth, but if your marketing strategy isn’t up to snuff, then no one will drink from its waters.

Beefing up your marketing strategy means looking at the entire journey, from the first introduction all the way until you seal the deal and make the sale. Like any good relationship, however, life goes on after the happily-ever-after, and it is up to you to create marketing channels that translate a one-time sale into a lifelong customer. To help you get you started on revamping your marketing efforts in 2020, follow this guide:

1. Audit Your Entire Digital Presence

The next analysis you will need to conduct is that of your entire digital presence, from what reviews are saying, to your SEO, to your website and beyond. You need to get a handle of how you are perceived online and what the customer will experience when using your brand.

You will want to audit for quality control, and you will want to do so with a keen focus on SEO. Update your website’s layout and content, for example, and you could automatically boost the user experience and the ranking for your pages. That is the beauty of SEO; it is now designed to improve both your ranking and your customer’s experience. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

2. Bring Together Multidisciplinary Teams

If you want to have a smart, thoughtful marketing strategy, then you will need to bring in employees from throughout your business. Someone on your IT team might be able to provide key insight into marketing possibilities, for example. Multidisciplinary and multicultural teams are ideal if you want to attract customers from all walks of life and do so ahead of the curve. An excellent way to do this is to set up a monthly meeting and to invite members from different teams to hear your marketing proposals and offer insights and advice. It gives both the marketing department and those from other departments a better look into how the company works.

It is okay to allow your employees to write anonymous feedback notes as well, or to offer suggestions on the fly. Whatever makes your employees most comfortable to provide honest feedback needs to be implemented.

3. Stay on Top of Technology and Trends

Technology and trends are two of the best ways to improve your marketing efforts. New trends dominate social media and marketing, and though you may want to stand out from the crowd, ignoring trends is done at your own peril. People become familiar with trends to such an extent that they often expect brands to follow through on them, and if that brand doesn’t, it isn’t standing out. Instead, it could mean that you fade into obscurity.

Work hard so that you know what is trending and what new tech or tools are available, and use this information to help you guess the next big thing. If you are one of the first to take note of a trend, you are essentially a trendsetter.

4. Use the Right Software Management Tools

Management tools save time, money, and improve your business through efficiency. It stands to reason that software that can help you speed up the review and approval process of creative content and marketing strategies will also be a godsend to marketers around the world. With great software, like this improved alternative to ProofHQ, you will be able to offer broader client support and create custom, flexible workflows that improve collaboration between different departments.

5. Consider the Entire Customer Journey

When designing your marketing strategy, you need to focus on more than just the ad or the design, but on the entire journey. How clear is it to get from the advertisement to the landing page? What can you do to improve it?

6. Analyze, Improve, Repeat

The best way to improve your marketing efforts is to, quite simply, accept that you are never going to perfect it and try anyway. Analyze the response following a social media campaign, use that information to improve your next one, and repeat. Sometimes you will hit the nail on the head, and yet, repeating the same formula is a dud. Switch it up and be willing to try out new things to attract new customers and provide a fresh face for existing ones.