The biggest digital marketing trend for 2016 is a Facebook advertising strategy that has been known to make a business’ campaign work 10 times better.

To start, a lot of local business have a hard time finding the right customer to show their Facebook ads to. How would a gym target prospects? You can include people interested in nutrition and fitness, who are near your studio, etc., but that’s not niche enough — you can get so much more granular.

Here’s how: When you use content the right way with blogs, you can actually segment your audience to get in front of the right people more often. This strategy, which I’ll break down, lowers cost per conversion so that every customer becomes way more valuable.

Start with your current email list that includes both customers and prospects. You’ll then import your list into Facebook to create a custom audience. The point here is to ensure that your email list sees your ad. These are people who you know are already interested in your business, so the conversion rate is higher.

email list 2

You can also use lookalike audiences. This is where Facebook targets people who have the same interests and demographics as those already on your email list. Your current customers are your ideal audience, so targeting people similar to them is a great way to up opt ins.

Aside from your email list and lookalike audiences, set up basic targeting that’s broad. This way your content can do all of the segmenting.

Now let’s get to the blog. Let’s take John as an example. He is an owner of a fitness studio that focuses on HIIT. He wants to get more members to his studio, but isn’t sure how to advertise to people who want to get in shape. So John writes a blog, “3 Things You Can Easily Implement to Shed Pounds Before Summer.”

When someone clicks on John’s ad from their newsfeed, that means they’re currently interested in getting in shape. Fitness is on their mind, which means they want to shed the pounds enough to actually read his article. Let’s say Sally clicks on John’s blog and reads the three tips. One tip will be about physical training, which includes a free offer for John’s HIIT workout. Sally may or may not opt in to the offer, but we at least know she wants to get in shape and is a potential client. But it doesn’t end there.

Here’s where businesses really capitalize. The next time Sally’s on Facebook she’ll see John’s ad about the HIIT offer because the article had retargeting in place. Essentially, the blog had a pixel installed that triggers the retargeting campaign so Sally specifically sees John’s ad in Facebook even after she leaves his site. This allows John to segment his audience. And since users who are retargeted to are 70 percent more likely to convert, this is a huge part of the process. We did this for a fitness studio and it generated 31 leads in just 24 hours.

retargeting pixel 2

You’re probably already brainstorming what you can do for your own business. If you want more guidance on your content marketing and how to kill it with Facebook, our chat feature or other digital marketing experts would be more than happy to help.

Mike Arce is the founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, an online advertising company that gets local businesses more customers using Facebook, AdWords, YouTube and more.