Have you ever wondered how one car can tie up traffic for miles or what causes that one wobbly wheel on a shopping cart? Arizona Science Center has the answers as it launches its new branding campaign – Never stop wondering.

Created pro-bono by Cramer-Krasselt, Never stop wondering is designed to ignite interest in science and stimulate the innate curiosity within people of all ages well beyond the confines of a classroom or museum by posing fun, thought-provoking questions about everyday things, places and scenarios. The campaign’s innovation is that the messages are incorporated into the medium in which they are presented. Appearing in unexpected places, including building rooftops, sidewalks and bathroom stalls, the questions will prompt people to find out more about the world around them.

The campaign launched on August 6 throughout the Valley, including display boards at shopping centers, on grocery carts at supermarkets and even Phoenix headquarters of major companies, many of which have volunteered their own space to help further the reach of the campaign. To date, sponsors include the Arizona Diamondbacks, APS and Desert Ridge Marketplace.

“Never stop wondering challenges Arizonans to be curious, ask questions and seek out answers about the workings of the world around them,” said Chevy Humphrey, president and CEO of Arizona Science Center. “The campaign brings to life our mission of inspiring, educating and entertaining people of all ages about science and reinforces our role as a vital resource for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.”

Most of the advertising will include a Quick Response (QR) code that will guide smartphone users to easy-to-understand video clips and text answers on Arizona Science Center’s website. Questions include everyday head-scratchers such as “Why do scary movies give you goose bumps?”, “How does the light rail stays on its tracks?” and “Why does your stomach growl when you’re hungry?”

“We are surrounded by technology and natural phenomena, yet many of us may not understand how or why these things work or occur,” said Ian Barry, SVP/executive creative director, C-K Phoenix. “By posing questions we’ve all pondered, we immediately engage with people and give them an approachable and fun way to experience science. Never stop wondering encourages people to reconsider the role of science in their lives and ultimately discover more at Arizona Science Center.”

“We are immensely grateful for the many generous corporate sponsors that will help share this inspirational message,” said Humphrey. “Ultimately, Arizona Science Center hopes to inspire a new generation to become leaders and innovators in science and technology.”

In addition to traditional and guerilla advertising, Arizona Science Center will host an ongoing series of experiments where Arizonans of all ages will have the chance to summon up their inner scientist and have a hand in seeing science first-hand. Details about the inaugural large-scale experiment will be announced later this month.