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August 8, 2015


Colling Media expands operations and adds new staff

With digital marketing and advertising growing exponentially year over year, the Valley’s leading ad agency is experiencing explosive growth along with it. Scottsdale-based Colling Media nearly doubled in size this year with the addition of 8 new staff members, dozens of marquee clients and more than doubling the square footage of their office space for it’s new Scottsdale headquarters.

Founder and CEO Brian Colling says industry growth continues to accelerate thanks to businesses looking for better ways to advertise. “Our agency has been fortunate to be at the forefront of the evolution of tra-digital marketing and the implementation of new tools and technologies including the creation of proprietary software that helps our clients better track the efficiency of their marketing investments,” he said. “We’ve assembled a highly specialized team of marketing and media experts that together offer an unprecedented level of knowledge and expertise in the digital and traditional marketing realms,” he said.

Colling Media has added several new top level staffers this year including experts in media buying, marketing science and strategic campaigns.

Jennifer Harlan, Media Director:
Jennifer brings to Colling Media over 15 years of agency experience and an adeptness at uncovering media sweet spots to maximize purchasing power through analysis of demographics, media channels and pricing. She’s known for her creation of award-winning opportunities that deliver the reach and ROI needed for success.  Whether it’s through new business, developing processes, planning, buying, or mentoring, Jennifer contributes to Colling Media’s transition to the top “Tra-Digital” agency.

Joe Whyte, Marketing Scientist:
Withover a decade in digital marketing. SEO, PPC, email marketing, media buying, analytics, social media marketing etc, Whyte is geared toward maximizing paid media investments and the implementation of strategic digital tools.

Adrian Floyd, Senior Media Strategist:
Floyd has created, developed, sold, and helped manage campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes. His wealth of experience in digital media coupled with his passion for problem solving has helped him develop very successful partnerships.

Bryan Ollie, Senior Media Strategist:
Ollie seamlessly found his niche in the industry by helping build two of the most credible digital media startups in the country in FetchBack and SteelHouse.  He created and nurtured partnerships with notable brands such as Boston Market, Southwest Airlines and Four Seasons Hotels just to name a few.

With the addition of these and other new staff members, Colling Media has added an array of prestigious new clients to its roster, including Arizona-based, national and international organizations in a variety of industries including retail, post-secondary education, automotive and non-profit.

Colling Media also recently expanded its Scottsdale headquarters to be a fully wired digital & traditional agency space fully built around collaboration. From there, Colling’s team is generating over hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for their clients.

“We are excited to be growing at such a rapid rate, and it’s all because of our dynamic and talented team with such extensive knowledge and passion for the tra-digital world,” he said. “In such a rapidly changing industry, an agency is only as good as it’s team is adaptive, and we’re proud to have the best people at the forefront propelling us to the next level,” Colling said.