Video marketing has become one of the most important communication techniques and online marketing departments of any company in recent years. The purpose of video marketing is to attract the attention of users and / or potential buyers of a brand or service through the use of video, with a focus on promoting brands, services or products on any digital channel, to be a way of providing content for any company content marketing strategy.

Video is one of the most viewed and searched content on the internet, and this trend is growing at a confusing pace from year to year. Internet users consume online video and demand it more than ever before, not only to watch it at home, but also through their mobile devices (cellphones and tablets), where their consumption has more than doubled compared to last year. And the upward curve continues.

It is very difficult, or almost impossible, to browse social networks for a few minutes and not find videos. The company, the media, our friends and family, consume and share it. For this reason, Video Marketing is increasingly relevant, and the numbers clearly reflect it, as we say here: ‘The most complete guide to online video marketing’.

The main advantages of video marketing:

• Improve search engine optimization (SEO). Uploading our videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms has increased and greatly increased our position in major search engines, such as Google. This strategy is very simple but very effective.

• Branding (increasing and increasing the presence of our brand). We can send in just a few seconds our brand’s core values. If we are creative, we will bring originality and character to our videos.

• Virality. It involves content that can be naturalized, people like to share it, and little by little, our network of influence will increase. Animated video production companies have the ability to make viral videos.

• Contribute content to our social networks. We have commented on other opportunities the importance of sharing content that respects our social networks. This video is one of the contents that works best on social networks in terms of scope, interaction, and generation of ‘likes’.

• Generate user involvement. As we have highlighted earlier, video is one of the most consumed content on the internet. Telling our story through images, with careful scripts and well-built structures will cause users to “fall in love” with us and want to know more. It is very important for us to know well what our target is, to speak the same language and make this link 100% effective.

• Increase traffic to our online media-web store. This first attraction that happens to people when watching our videos is trying to release interest in knowing in depth our products and services. Therefore, not only will traffic to our website or online store increase, but it will become valuable traffic, that is, it will attract users who are truly interested in what we do. Therefore, if we also have online sales, we will see how our conversion rate increases.

• Differentiation with respect to competition. Even though the market is very competitive and there may be many companies dedicated to something very similar to ours, if our video contains the mission, vision and values ​​of our brand in a clear manner, we will automatically distinguish ourselves from our direct competitors. We will add the character and image of our own company so that we will highlight those who have not used the same strategy, or who have used it, maybe not doing it the same way.

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