There might be a lot of question on your mind right now, why do people still buy a watch? What watch brands are affordable in the market? For this reason, this guide will help you determine the perfect affordable watch brands.

Wearing a watch is a part of almost everyone’s daily lives. They wear it because it’s a link to their personalities, while it’s just an accessory to others. There’s a lot of reason why we wear a watch, but one thing is common, it tells time.

Choosing the most affordable brand is confusing if you are not sure of what you want. Purchasing a watch is an investment, and that is why you need to choose a brand that will last a long time. Here’s a list of affordable watch brands you might consider.


G-shock is over 30 years in the business, but its demand is not even declining. The durability of this watch is still the same, even after three decades. Now, it has extra features that will rival other brands, such as iconic watches.

This watch can withstand anything because of its durability. With classic style, it is also shock-resistant, water-resistant, and more. This watch is a perfect timepiece for everyday use, adventure, and even something you can wear in your office.


This Japanese brand is one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. Seiko is promoting its products by producing high quality watches consistently. People admire them because of their quartz watches and very affordable prices.

Seiko’s reputation is excellent, and they are famous for watches that are durable, stylish, and precise. A lot of its models has the same quality as the swiss brands that are more expensive.


Timex is famous for its durability and simplicity and has different watches that fall in the affordable category. A lot of people consider this brand one of the best if you prefer a good quality but affordable timepiece. The brand has good reviews because it has a variety of models that you can choose.

This brand is proof that you don’t need to spend lots of money to get a high-quality watch. It is also the primary reason why Timex continues to develop and satisfy customers throughout the years.


Even before, Casio has features that a smartwatch would brag about bringing to your wrist. They have a wide selection of watches that will suit your budget. Each model has a countdown timer, stopwatch, and water resistance.

Today, Casio watches have atomic clock synchronization, meaning, watches receive a time signal from very accurate atomic clocks. Other Casio models have separate Tough Solar battery, a charging system that has a solar cell. The battery itself is rechargeable and can last a long time.


Having a great watch doesn’t mean that you need to spend a significant amount of money. You can be more practical by choosing the most affordable watch brand in the market that doesn’t compromise its quality. Being smart, strategic, and realistic is the best attribute a person can have when deciding to buy a new watch.