US POWER AZ PPE, LLC (POWER PPE), an Arizona manufacturer of high quality, reusable 3-Ply smart masks, announced today that its POWER3 Smart Mask and Filter inserts will commence production this week with an anticipated run rate of 1 billion per year. 

POWER3 3-Ply mask will utilize patented Smart Filter technology to protect users from airborne particulates.  It will also protect against the transfer of microorganisms by blocking microbial particles up to 99.997 percent, as confirmed by labs in Japan and in the United Kingdom, making the mask filters more effective than the surgical grade masks in use currently. POWER3 Smart Masks are designed to be easier to breathe through with reduced lens fogging.

POWER PPE is undertaking the required testing for FDA compliance and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) designation. POWER3 masks are simultaneously undergoing additional testing and verification by third party research institutes, testing laboratories and universities.  The culmination of this testing will substantiate the company’s product claims. 

“We are proud to be an Arizona owned and operated company making American-made products and will create over 200 jobs for people in our own backyard,” said Kevin Thorpe, president of US Power AZ PPE. “Our mask is unlike any other on the market because it is designed for everyday extended wear, and is also is highly effective for health care professionals that serve on the front lines.”

The smart technology allows for the POWER3 to be worn for up to one week, positively impacting the increased footprint of recyclable masks and enhanced protection for both the wearer and others. 

In addition to the Smart Mask, POWER3 also offers a smart filter insert for use and added protection with fashionable cloth masks.

POWER3 Smart Masks and Filters will be available to retailers and distributors starting in August and to the general public in September. They can be purchased in adult and children’s sizes.

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