If you manage a construction or commercial project of any kind, there might come a moment when you need to use a truck to continue with the task. Buying one would be an excessive waste of resources for a one-time job: you surely have better places for your money. Then the next step is to find a decent truck rent provider, and we strongly recommend you consider PGE Rentals.

What is PGE Rentals

Pro Group Equipment, or PGE, is a comparatively small company founded in 2020. However, their vehicle fleet is suitable for solving any task. They offer heavy-duty, medium, and light trucks, on-rail and off-rail, including:

  • Digger derrick: equipment designed to dig holes and trenches, set poles, and help you manage a vast range of materials. They are widely used in network construction and repairs after natural disasters.
  • Paltform trucks elevate people, tools, and materials to high-rise operating locations. When the ladder is not a sufficient option, and workers need a stable base, a platform truck will come to the rescue.
  • Dump trucks do exactly what the name suggests. Their bed is of open-box type, and it is used to deliver bulky construction materials, such as sand or gravel. On the site, the operator lifts the front part of the bed so that the materials are dumped into the intended point.
  • Rotary dumper is a kind of machinery used for unloading specific railroad cars, such as gondolas or hoppers. Without moving the truck, the material can be placed anywhere along a 180° arc.
  • Flatbed trucks have no sides or roof over the bed which makes them irreplaceable when one needs to transport oversized cargo, such as construction timber.
  • Articulating (aka knuckle boom) cranes belong to heavy machinery used to lift, move, and deliver materials. They are lightweight and maneuverable, a perfect fit for tight spaces.
  • Bucket truck has a name that speaks for itself. It has a hydraulic mechanism and an aerial lift with a bucket-resembling shape. It is used to lift workers to otherwise inaccessible points.
  • Grapple truck is equipped with a retractable and articulated boom extension. They are used to remove bulky construction waste, clear space for maintenance or repair, and other events where you need to pick up and replace a piece of cargo.
  • Cable placer allows construction and repair of overhead cable networks, such as electricity grids.

If the client needs additional equipment, such as an excavator, PGE can also be of help.

Trouble-free truck rent in North America

PGE’s brick-and-mortar location is in Bristol, PA but they operate in all of North America. Besides the highly versatile fleet, they offer timely and attentive service aimed at partners’ comfort. The company’s management (very inclusive, by the way) has over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, so if you ever need a truck for rent, do not hesitate to contract PGE Rentals—they know what they do.