Here are the Top 10 vegan restaurants in Arizona, based on public voting for the 2022 edition of Ranking Arizona, the state’s biggest and most comprehensive business opinion poll. Ranking Arizona is based purely on opinion and ranks companies based on how voters answer this simple question: with whom would you recommend doing business?

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Here are the Top 10 vegan restaurants in Arizona, as featured in the 2022 edition of Ranking Arizona:

1. Giving Tree Cafe

Background: Vegan/plant-based is the fastest-growing segment in the restaurant industry. And it’s not just a fad. Vegan/plant-based is a response from guests who are concerned with their own optimum health, as well as the sustainable health of the planet. In response to these concerns, Giving Tree Cafe is also 100% organic, gluten-free, and soy-free. Giving Tree Cafe also makes everything its serves from fresh natural ingredients. Giving Tree Cafe doesn’t buy anybody’s anything. If you order Giving Tree Cafe’s Veggie Burger, it bakes the bread, it makes the patty, it makes the mustard, it makes the ketchup. Everything.

Strengths: “We teach presence. We create relationship with each guest based on our principal of presence. Being present with each guest means we don’t have a standard pitch. No canned message. No fake lilt in our voice. We approach you and your needs in order to create unique high quality exchange.”

2. Pomegranate Cafe

3. Verdura

4. True Food Kitchen

5. Nami

6. Vegan House

7. Earth Plant Based Cuisine

8. Fresh Mint

9. The Coronado PHX

10. Whyld Ass

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