Instagram is definitely one of the most important social networks in the world, and we’re confident that there’s something big missing from any marketer not yet using it. If you’re handling the social media of a huge company, a small enterprise, or using it to support your own personal brand, integrating Instagram into your marketing plan is a must! Not sure that Instagram is good for business? Only take a look at the five points below and find out.

The Basics

If there is no “perfect” way to build your profile, these guidelines are a sound starting point based on Instagram ‘s best practices:

Profile photo: It’s easiest to use your business logo as your profile photo to make it easier for people to recognize your brand.

Account name: Make your company name the same as the other social accounts of your brand.

Username: This should also be the name of your company. Remember that there should be no spaces for your username.

Website: This is the only clickable URL on your Instagram website. Many organisations either use their website or connect to their new promotional page.

Bio: The bio is where you’ll get the attention of other people. You may either explain what your company is doing, hype up your website, or touch your brand’s slogan here (or any of the above, actually).

Keep in mind that you have plenty of space to make your profile innovative. For example, TED’s takes a minimalist approach to its profile, which goes hand-in – hand with their branding. Keep in mind that you have plenty of space to make your profile innovative.

Get the Right Followers

With so many busy people and pictures swirling about on Instagram, standing out might seem like an uphill battle.

Fact Check: You need millions of Instagram followers to be deemed a success story.

Instead of thinking about bragging huge numbers, it’s best to treat Instagram for a company with a kind of “tribe” attitude.4 Start the little one. Establish a friendship. Engage one-on-one with the others.

In a nutshell, create your own tribe.

Don’t make a mistake: Instagram is not a “if you create it, it’s coming” site. Businesses, both large and small, should rely not only on creating their own follow-up, but also on taping into niche communities where their audience is already hanging out.

Beta Testing

When you start a new company, it’s crucial to get input on your plans, concepts and goods at an early level. But to make your company succeed on Instagram, you’re going to want to involve members of the Instagram community in your feedback test.

During the A Color Story beta testing phase, the A Beautiful Mess team formed a beta testing community that included Instagram influencers who had a similar Instagram style that fit their app. “We’ve taken these influencers early to help us slim down the philters (from 140 to 100), and they’ve even helped us come up with new tools that we haven’t thought about,” Trey says.

Drive Traffic

If you want to start your company on Instagram, it’s important to make your Instagram the place to visit for details about your launch date, product offers, and everything else you want to connect with! By pushing all traffic to your Instagram profile from blog posts , tweets, and your website, you’ve got a head start creating your Instagram group.

A Color Tale was first revealed in a blog post on A Lovely Mess, and followers were urged to follow the Instagram app to keep aware of the launch date. They posted daily to the channel to keep their fans at the forefront of their heads, and began engaging their audience before the app was even available.

Have a Following

To successfully launch your Instagram business, you’re going to want to start creating some buzz before you live! A Color Story was revealed on their blog and Instagram about a week and a half before the official launch of the app, generating suspense and enthusiasm among their fans. Their beta test community of Instagram influencers helped to post the app on their own platforms, and together they were able to generate an increasing hype for the app, which led to a more successful launch.


People love Instagram stories. We grew up with fairytales and happily ever after, we get engrossed in watching the twists and turns of celebrity coverage, and we’re drawn to people with a natural talent to recall dramatic or amusing incidents. Storytelling is also a part of human experience. And from a business viewpoint, sharing an engaging story is a perfect way to make an emotional bond for the viewers.

Sharing visual content is the perfect way to let the followers know what you’re talking about and develop a partnership with possible future clients and ambassadors. Above are five ways you can use your Instagram account to help grow your brand.