It’s not uncommon for tenants and landlords to have disagreements especially when it comes to matters involving rent payment. If you live in Los Angeles, you’ll be glad to know that tenant lawyer Los Angeles exist to help you through any problems or disagreements that may arise. Before you move forward with a lawyer, however, it would be a good idea to understand what outcome you can expect from hiring one.

What does A Tenant Lawyer do?

A tenant lawyer Los Angeles will provide clients with representation in any disputes they have with their landlords. He can also perform an examination on your lease to make sure you understand and agree with it.

When Do You Need A Tenant Lawyer?

You may find it necessary to seek the services of a tenant lawyer Los Angeles if you are dealing with any of the following:

• When you move into a new place and you’re unsure of your lease agreement

• The landlord is refusing to acknowledge your grievances

• The landlord disrespects your privacy

• The landlord is trying to evict you

• You believe there is no need to pay your rent for a certain period of time

• Security deposit dispute

• The landlord has filed a case against you

Some disputes involving the security deposit can be handles on your own in the small claims court. But if the process confuses you, you might find it useful to consult with a tenant lawyer Los Angeles to guide you through the step.

Does it Cost Much to Hire a Tenant Lawyer?

If you’re having problems with your landlord, you might be considering hiring a tenant lawyer Los Angeles but are worried about the cost. Some lawyers, after all, charge huge fees and some of us would want to be practical with where we put our money.

If you’ve already spoken to a tenant lawyer Los Angeles who has quoted you a price in exchange for their services, you’d probably want to know how that fee compares with what other lawyers would charge. To shed some light on those questions, let’s take a look at data on fee arrangements provided by tenant lawyers across the United States. We also looked into policies on free initial consultations for prospective clients. Here’s what we learned so far:

Hourly Fees

Most tenant lawyer Los Angeles charge by the hour, usually in 10 -15-minute increments. Research shows that tenant lawyer attorneys across the country charge different fees by the hour. The average minimum was at $225 per hour, while the average maximum was at $300. The hourly fee a lawyer charges can change, within that range, depending on the case and the client involved.

The total bill for a lawyer’s services can clearly add up at those hourly rates. There are flat fee arrangements and they might offer clients more predictability and savings. However, paying by the hour also makes economic sense for some people and in certain situations, like when you want an attorney to provide an answer to a specific question, or when you want them to check or assess a rental agreement.

If you plan to take on the case yourself but would like to have some initial advice or coaching, paying for an hour or two of a lawyer’s time can be a very good idea.

There are some factors that affect how much lawyers charge by the hour, such as:

Location –it costs more to hire a tenant lawyer in large cities than in smaller towns. Fees can also be much higher in cities with particularly high rents—especially where rent control ordinances apply—since there is so much at stake.

Years of Experience –lawyers tend to charge more per hour as they gain more experience. Simply put, the more experienced the lawyer is, the more he charges. Research revealed that hourly rates can go from an average of $185-240 for those with 10 years or less in experience. For those with 30-40 years of experience, expect to be charged at least $294-$368 per hour. Don’t be worried about the rates though, a higher hourly rate doesn’t necessarily mean a larger bill.

Flat Fees

Tenant lawyer Los Angeles might charge a “flat” or fixed rate for providing specific services, such as handling a routine eviction for a landlord or preventing an eviction on behalf of a tenant. Once you’re quoted a flat fee for a service, you’d have an idea of how much you are going to pay, regardless of whether the lawyer successfully handles to dispute or how much time it takes.

What Can You Expect from Working with a Tenant Lawyer Los Angeles?

A tenant lawyer will be able to help resolve any problem or dispute you have with your landlord. This is done by interpreting the lease agreement or also by representing you in a lawsuit or guiding you through the next steps. If your tenant lawyer is reviewing your lease, you can rest easy knowing that the agreement you have with your landlord is legally binding and does not come with any hidden surprises. If you file a lawsuit and win, you can be granted compensation and/or allowed to remain in your residence in case you are facing eviction.

Free Consultations

Once you feel or suspect that you might need legal assistance, it would help to know that many tenant lawyers provide free consultations. Based on research, over half (55%) of tenant lawyers said they offer or provide some form of free consultation. However, these consultations last for about an average of just 30 minutes each.

Tenants and landlords can and are often able to resolve disputes and conflicts without the help of an attorney. However, there are instances when tenants may need the help of a lawyer to protect their rights. Landlords also need the help of lawyers to help them protect their property. If you’re planning on availing the services of a tenant lawyer, consider asking if they provide free consultations, and if so, for how long. But it is also worth noting that meeting an attorney who charges for consultation could be worth it in the long run. Also make sure to prepare for your first meeting with a lawyer.