Lumifi Cyber, Inc. (Lumifi), a next-generation leader in the cybersecurity space, announces its acquisition of Netsurion, a 15-year-old Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provider. The acquisition delivers enhanced security to Netsurion’s customer base through Lumifi’s U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC) alongside Lumifi’s proprietary SHIELDVision™ platform and is a milestone in Lumifi’s larger goal to disrupt the managed detection and response (MDR) space.

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For fifteen years, Lumifi has developed technologies that drive a human-first, automation-supported business. These efforts are continually shaped by the needs of in-house practitioners and have resulted in the creation of the SHIELDVision™ platform. SHIELDVision™ fortifies Lumifi’s dynamic team of experts, hailing from esteemed institutions such as the U.S. Military, DoD, and Fortune 500 companies, with cutting-edge technology based on the Gartner Visibility Triad. 

After Lumifi’s successful acquisition of Castra in October of last year, clients of the acquired company were successfully and efficiently onboarded to Lumifi’s technology. Lumifi CTO David Norlin is eager to start this process with Netsurion clients. 

“For years, Lumifi has developed proprietary technology unique to the MDR use case, and we can’t wait to bring that to our newest clients,” Norlin said. “Our mission is to deliver a great service and bring forward technology that helps practitioners solve problems quickly. We’re committed to building a relationship with our clients that continually improves their security posture, stays proactive, and allows their business to grow.”

This is Lumifi’s third acquisition since 2022, second in the past twelve months, and marks a significant milestone in Lumifi’s greater roll-up strategy within the MDR space. 

“The MDR market is too fragmented with too many point solutions,” said Michael Malone, CEO of Lumifi. “The future of rapid detection and response must be centered around a purpose-built platform for MDR that enables CISOs to make the best choices for their environments, while relying on third parties like Lumifi to enable those tools. We believe we have that platform in SHIELDVision™ and will continue to aggressively expand our presence in the market through acquisitions.” 

Prior transactions have successfully increased overall capabilities and decreased time to detect and time to respond to potential threats for clients of previously acquired companies. With the Netsurion acquisition, Lumifi has gained additional engineers, customer success and sales associates, and technical account managers in addition to 400 new clients. Netsurion’s prevalence of managed service provider (MSP) clientele also supports Lumifi’s strategic goal to become a leader in the MDR space with the additional exposure to the end customers MSPs support.  

“This acquisition generates momentum for us not only in growing our company,” said Jimmy Treuting, President and COO of Lumifi. “but in continuing to optimize SHIELDVision™ to create a best-in-class solution that will eventually revolutionize the entire cybersecurity landscape.”

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