While businesses may be making more of an effort to increase their digital presence on mobile devices such as Smartphones, others are considering a mobile platform that physically brings their business’s products and services directly to their target audience — with BizBox. Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and Skullcandy have, and BizBox has only been in business for three months, creating quite the buzz

BizBox is a transportable, customized building that can transform into your business in a matter of minutes.

Charles Sidi, creator of the BizBox, who came from a background of sustainable design and green mobile structures, decided it was time to create an adaptable and innovative mobile platform. He says while the concept is common in Europe, BizBox is more cutting edge and different than what’s on the market in the U.S.

Not surprisingly, BizBox has green, sustainable features. It is solar powered, producing approximately 1,000 watts per day and storing up to five days worth of power use. It also switches automatically between solar power, gas power and electrical power. BizBox also disperses natural light with its two Solatubes light wells. These are tubular skylights installed in the ceiling that capture light through a dome in the roof and disperses light evenly throughout the room.

And this sustainable building can cater to both small and large businesses.

“What’s exciting about BizBox is we get to become involved in everyone’s business because it’s so versatile,” Sidi says. “What’s interesting is a lot of the large brands and large companies are very attracted to BizBox because we created something that maintains the value of their brand.”

Sidi adds that it’s the opportunity for innovation and the opportunity to generate excitement with a mobile platform that attracts businesses to BizBox.

“What we’re trying to do is expand other’s businesses,” Sidi says. “The goal is to give businesses a whole new approach and a sophisticated way to get their products and services to their consumers.”

Rick Sikorsi, CEO of BizBox, agrees that the mobility of the BizBox is a benefit to companies. Businesses can now bring their product to the customer, increasing its presence and sales, too.

For instance, three clients utilizing the BizBox service are Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, Skullcandy and ListenUP! Canada (a hearing aid company). They have all found ways to customize their BizBoxes to cater and interact with their respective customers.

Barrett-Jackson will bring BizBox as a Social Media Hot Spot to all of its events nationwide, including the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale.

ListenUP! transformed its BizBox into a small hearing aid store with testing equipment and will bring the store straight to its target market residing in residence homes, which Sikorsi says is a game changer for ListenUp! because it was able to take its business to the customers, who are unable to make it to their brick-and-mortar location.

As for Skullcandy, it will be parking its BizBox at the base of mountains in Winter Park, Colo., on Jan. 30 and skiers and snowboarders will be able to jump over it. The interior will be comprised of 12 to 15 listening stations, while the exterior is made of up speakers and subwoofers.

“Skullcandy will be carrying inventory and selling products at the location for a week,” Sikorsi says. “This is how BizBox can add to a company’s bottom line — because they are able to get embedded in a customer base and sell to them.”

While BizBox has attracted larger companies, it’s also a way for entrepreneurs to start their own business with a lot less risk.

“I don’t believe the entrepreneurial spirit is dead; I just believe people are nervous,” Sikorsi says. “If something like BizBox can show people a way to get into business with lower up-front cost, it could be exciting.”

BizBox is not only expanding others’ small and large businesses, it’s experiencing quite the growth spurt, too, in its short period of existence.

BizBox currently has three orders completed and three underway; Sikorsi is expecting 12 to 18 orders over the next year, in addition to five already in the works. By 2013, about 50 BizBoxes are expected to be in the marketplace. It’s also experienced an increase in sales consultants, with 43 on board, adding two to four every week. It’s expected that BizBox will have more than 100 sales agents by June 30th of this year.

“Think of BizBox as a 220-foot blank slate that you can turn in to anything you want, that can morph into a beautiful retail-looking building,” Sikorsi says. “Rather than waiting for the customer to come to the brick-and-mortar location, we are taking the product to customer and selling it right there.”

For more information about BizBox, visit bizbox4u.com.

BizBox’s Showroom

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