Local Arizona businesses are jumping on the tech wagon when it comes to commissioning a custom app, and this is where itSynergy, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, comes in.

itSynergy: Why Businesses Desire Custom Apps

Businesses look to streamline certain tasks and increase the productivity of their employees. The majority of custom apps created for companies are utilized by internal resources and employees, according to President and founder of itSynergy, Michael Cocanower.

Cocanower knows that decisions need to be made in time frames, and a custom app is the tool to help facilitate that. More often than not, the way information is presented comes in an off-the-shelf application and is not conducive to enhancing productivity and efficiency, Cocanower says.

“The comment we commonly hear from clients is ‘we know it’s in there somewhere, we just don’t know how to get it out,’ ” Cocanower says. “This relates to the ability, or lack thereof, to access important information that is crucial to decision making from existing systems.”

A secondary need when it comes to businesses needing custom applications is integrating more than one type of data source. The example Cocanower uses is the time that is needed when a business does something as simplistic as changing addresses.

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“Ask most companies, and they will tell you there are at least three or four places where they have to make that change — ordering system, vendor database, accounting system, etc.,” Cocanower says. “By putting a small piece of custom software in place, that can happen automatically, which increases efficiency, is more environmentally friendly and eliminates errors.”

Companies approach itSynergy for custom applications when they cannot find one to meet the business needs. The needs of a company include accessing important information and moving data into different formats, such as the Web or mobile devices, to allow new audiences to access efficient and timely information, Cocanower says.

Businesses Applying a Custom Application

Two Valley construction companies and a law firm have requested itSynergy to create a custom application. The custom applications are tailored to meet the individual company’s operational and network needs.  The result has been the development of applications that streamline safety issues and training, as well as project costs and timelines.

Glendale-based Levelline Framing works on custom and commercial building projects. A custom application developed for Levelline Framing by itSynergy tracks project timelines between the field and the home office. This custom app allows communication from a job site directly to the office server, and the transfer of real-time data now enhances the company’s communication and productivity on various projects.

Tempe’s FNF Construction is a leader in heavy highway and general construction. The company required a safety application to supplement the company’s top-rated safety and health program. itSynergy implemented Microsoft SharePoint to support safety training programs, accident reports and more, such as a direct impact on insurance and medical expenditures.

The Law Offices of Scott M. Clark, needed an app that streamlined billing and bookkeeping, while also tracking important data for clients. The firm focuses on residential property management Arizona, and so the application was created specifically to track and maintain the firm’s eviction notices, handling 2,000 cases a month and aiding the company in the terms of speed and efficiency. The application also includes a client portal where the firm’s clients can log in and review case statuses.

itSynergy is working on creating custom applications for other local companies (as well as those out of state) that will help them increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Cocanower recommends companies investigate custom applications when they have multiple data sources in their organization that could be better integrated and an off-the-shelf application isn’t conducive to enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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