Scottsdale concierge psychiatrist, Yasinski Psychiatry, takes a personal and convenient approach to patient care with in-home appointments.

Once upon a time, making house calls was standard practice for physicians. A doctor would treat an ailing patient from the comfort of the patient’s home. Over the past century, this personalized approach to patient care has become less and less common, forcing the sick to travel to wherever their doctors have set up shop, often resulting in long wait times, brief appointments and a generally stressful experience.

These unfortunate by-products of the now-typical doctor-patient relationship inspired Dr. Michael Yasinski M.D. to seek a different approach. This led to the creation of Yasinski Psychiatry, Scottsdale’s only concierge psychiatry practice.

“I offer a model of care that no other Scottsdale psychiatrist is currently providing,” Yasinski says. “My practice is a true ‘concierge’ or ‘boutique’ model, which is becoming very popular with primary care physicians but much less so with psychiatrists. As a concierge Scottsdale psychiatrist, I see fewer patients, offer much longer appointments (usually one full hour), and eliminate waiting for appointments.”

Yasinski adds that his practice is particularly beneficial for patients who are unable to leave their homes; these patients include geriatric patients, people with mobility problems or the severely depressed. He explains that his main desire is to provide a level of care was previously unavailable in the Valley.

“I also wanted to provide a new level of flexibility and convenience to help people with hectic lives,” Yasinski says. “Nobody else offers consistent evening, weekend and same-day appointments for their existing patients.”

When commencing treatment with a new patient, Yasinski will first talk with the patient over the phone to gather preliminary information. After this initial consultation, a full evaluation (typically lasting two hours), is completed in person. This time is spent gaining a thorough understanding of the patient’s situation, reviewing all available medical records and talking with available family members to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. After this first evaluation, Yasinski generally meets with his patients weekly, employing tailored combinations of psychotherapy and medication to maximize effectiveness of treatment and chances of full recovery.

Through this unique model of psychiatric care, Yasinski treats a full range of psychiatric disorders.

“I treat all psychiatric disorders in patients 18 and above,” Yasinski says. “Some of the most common diagnoses that I treat include depression, anxiety, panic disorder, alcohol or drug addiction, bipolar disorder, behavioral changes secondary to dementia and postpartum mood disorders. I also provide in-home detox from alcohol with proper medications and monitoring, which gives patients an option to avoid going to a hospital for detox.”

Yasinski believes his concierge model and personalized approach to psychiatry can be beneficial for all patients.

“All people benefit by the private, comfortable and relaxing environment of their home, especially during psychotherapy,” he says. “This provides for a more productive appointment time and a better chance of full recovery. Both patients and colleagues in all fields of medicine have embraced my practice model, and I continue to get an increasing number of referrals from both happy patients and physician colleagues.”

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