If you’re hoping to start your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) or other business entity type, you need to be ready for some adversity. The business landscape has become so competitive in virtually every field, and newcomers who are starting a business need to be ready from day one if they want a fighting chance at claiming their fair share of the market.

Of course, launching a business anywhere has specific challenges based on the demand, customer base, economy and existing competition in your community. Before you commit to any business venture, you need to take stock of which businesses are most likely to succeed. For instance, if you’re starting a business in Arizona, here are 10 business ideas that won’t bog you down with upfront investment costs.

• Delivery Services: Convenience has come to the forefront of so many industries, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that companies offering pickup and delivery services are as popular as ever. Even better, this business has incredible flexibility. Work as much or as little as you want. Travel as far as you’re willing, and create any other parameters you need to be comfortable.

• Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping: Although Phoenix is the state’s most notable metropolis, Arizona also has a ton of parks, gardens and residences that need landscaping work to maintain their appearance. Beyond some initial equipment, it actually doesn’t take a whole lot of investment to get started with your own landscaping business.

• Electrical Repair: Tech and appliance repair are big markets most places given the prevalent role technology now plays in our everyday lives. But Arizona still has a burgeoning market for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into this field. You need to have some expertise dealing with devices as well as some basic knowledge. But the barrier to entry is surprisingly low.

• Barbers and Stylists: Personal hygiene services are in demand anywhere people live. So if you have the skill set and/or are ready to hire some folks who do, you could start your own hair salon, barbershop or similar venture with little trouble. Like many of the other entries on this list, customers are paying for expertise more than anything else — be sure you have at least that much covered.

• Digital Printing: Unlike the other ideas listed here, a digital printing business can be expensive to start up due to the highly specialized equipment it requires. But the potential for profitability is high. It’s also a great opportunity to establish long-term relationships with other businesses, as they may prove to be the foundation for your customer base.

• Billboard Advertising: Word of mouth is always an effective way to get people talking about a product or service…but sometimes we need to help it along a bit. That’s where you could come in, offering companies a prime spot to advertise on one of your billboards. Arizona has a ton of high-profile locations available. Because of the potential exposure they offer, billboard companies turn a tidy profit each year.

• Gift Basket Preparation: Gift options are so bountiful nowadays that anyone looking to send something special is left with lots of generic options. What about starting a company that creates customized gift baskets tailor-made for each individual? Such a business would be a great way to indulge your creative side and put something positive out into the world at the same time.

• Videography: Even though almost everyone now has a video camera on their smartphones, there is still no replacement for professionally made video documentation. Weddings, birthdays and other special moments benefit from greatly being captured with high production value and a creative touch. If you have videography skills or want to learn, this idea has tons of potential, especially in a bustling market like Arizona.

• Bakeries and Cake Shops: In tandem with videography, people tend to buy cakes and other special treats to highlight their celebrations no matter the status of the larger economy. You could do the baking yourself or recruit a team of local bakers to work with you. Again, it’s the quality of service that will keep customers coming back, so take great care in the team you assemble.

• Party Services: Are you noticing a pattern here? Arizona residents host a ton of parties and other gatherings all year round. You can also define what services your company will provide. Everything from food, drinks, entertainment, lighting and decorations could be included in your service packages. Or you could simply offer to plan parties for your customers as well, at which point you would carry even fewer upfront expenses.

It’s Business Time

Even if the above list doesn’t feature any business ideas that interest you, at least you’re beginning to familiarize yourself with the market you’re about to enter. Research is one of the most vital — and overlooked — elements of starting any kind of business. By giving this article a read, you’re already that much further along in your journey to educate yourself and maximize your business venture’s chances of long-term success.

Another way to give your business a leg up is by working with Incfile. Our mission is to ensure that your company has the guidance and knowledge to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Before you take another step toward starting your Arizona business, reach out to discover how we can help. Check out our website and get started today.

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Robert Yaniz Jr. has been a professional writer since 2004, including print and online publications. Much of his experience centers on the business world, including work for a major regional business newspaper and a global law firm.