While working with heavy objects, you need some equipment to lift them. Doing construction work, shifting objects, stacking things at a warehouse, or if you need to lift some heavy objects, you need strength or the right equipment to do all the work. A pallet jack is a suitable choice for all of the above-written tasks. Living in a city where you cannot find workers to carry you heavy objects you can rent one like you can rent a pallet jack in Melbourne. A hand pallet truck is an easy and convenient way to move the heavy objects.

Why do you need help?

Before 1909, the heavy objects were move manually. It takes a lot of time, strength, and people engaged for a single task. The first model was fabricated in 1909, and in 1920, today’s model is launched. This model became more common and popular in the workplaces and the factories because there are more efficient than the previous one.

The pallets jacks are often used in warehouses, factories and workplaces because they are convenient to load with small as well as bigger object to move from one place to another. And stacking can be done on another that means you can move more than one god at a time.

Features in a pallet truck

There are many types, and qualities of pallet trucks are available in the market. Some of them are long-lasting, while others can be used only once. To get good quality and maximum featured pallet truck, you can use a checklist that is mentioned here:

1. The construction must be done with the steel that is strong torsion-resistant.

2. The height of the pallet must be considered with pump height. Standard pallets provide 5 pumps maximum height

3. The best pallet trucks go with 6204 bearings.

4. Check for the rollers under the fork tips. Lead in and lead out rollers help to enter the pallet forks easily.

5. Does the pallet jack need regular maintenance on hydraulic unit and bearings? If yes, then don’t select that pallet jack.

6. To prevent the unit from overloaded for OH&S purposes, a pressure valve must be given.

7. Ask how much weight can be loaded on the jack.


8. If the pallet jack is coated with powder for safety purpose and to prevent from wear and tear, then this is a plus.

9. The option available to choose wheel material from nylon o polyurethane then it is a bonus.

Do you need to buy?

If a pallet jack is needed for a long time work then buy a jack, but if you need for one time use or two times than you do not need to buy. You can take a jack on rent from many available rent companies.


You can get all the features in rented pallet jacks too if got from a good brand like DURALIFT. They provide the best quality products with the best services to their customers. A rented jack is better to get than buying if the need for sometimes’ use only.