After a year in business, the cutting-edge tech company Oppty is making a big difference for small businesses throughout the Southwest. By assisting companies with the implementation and integration of Salesforce to simplify their day-to-day processes, their clients are becoming more efficient and seeing sales and profits increase as a result. 

“We believe that technology has evolved to a point where small businesses can be at an advantage as compared to larger corporations. They have less people and fewer legacy systems and processes to deal with.” said Oppty CEO Steve Miksta. “Many see Salesforce as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) but it is capable of so much more and business owners simply aren’t utilizing it to its full advantage; it’s like having a racecar and not being able to get out of first gear.” 

Miksta himself was a business owner who didn’t know the full capabilities of Salesforce but saw its potential, learned it and applied it. The results? He grew his mortgage origination business to over $50M in production and was in the top 1% of mortgage originators across the country. Now, through the use of the modifications his team has made to the Salesforce platform, he is helping other business owners leverage this technology to see similar success. 

“When we come in to help a business properly leverage technology, we can save them hundreds of hours in time – and even the hiring of an additional employee (or employees) –  allowing many tedious processes within a business to run themselves,” said Miksta.

Oppty is currently the only business in the state to utilize this technology in the management of Salesforce for small businesses. Working hand-in-hand with companies who have a strong desire for growth, their team completes an end-to-end analysis of a business’ current technology and then creates a roadmap for how to help the company reach their vision by optimizing Salesforce’s unique capabilities. Ultimately simplifying each step of their business processes and saving the company time and money. 

For more information on Oppty and its offerings for small businesses, visit or call 480.305.4979.