Sonora Quest Laboratories, the leading diagnostic testing laboratory in Arizona, announced a new innovative partnership to provide patients with access to testing wherever they are—work or home.

Sonora Quest and Getlabs are collaborating to provide appointments for mobile laboratory sample collections to patients in the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas, making it easier than ever to obtain the test results they need.

Patients can schedule a convenient appointment time at (choose Home Collection under Reason for Visit), and a mobile phlebotomist will travel to the patient’s home or office to collect their samples. The samples are then sent to Sonora Quest to be tested with results reported to the patient’s ordering health care provider. Patients can also obtain their results online at

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“Sonora Quest is dedicated to meeting our patients whenever and wherever they are in their health care journey,” said Tom Leggett, Business Development Director of Sonora Quest. “If that means serving them in one of our patient service centers, at their provider’s office, or in the comfort of their own home, Getlabs and Sonora Quest are there.”

Appointments for mobile phlebotomy are available for a $29 to $39 fee, depending on geographic location, time of day, and appointment type (same-day or next day). The mobile collection fee is not covered by insurance but may be reimbursed through a Flexible Spending Account or Health Spending Account. The laboratory testing costs are the same as if the sample were obtained at a Sonora Quest patient service center or health care provider’s office and will be billed to the patient’s insurance if that information is provided.

Mobile collections are available for patients at least five years old and for most testing that can usually be collected at a Sonora Quest patient service center. Patients are offered the option to schedule a Getlabs home collection appointment through the Sonora Quest website when choosing their “Reason for Visit” or when choosing a location after selecting their appointment type.

Getlabs Founder & CEO Kyle Michelson added: “We know managing your health on a good day can be a handful, but hopefully this collaboration makes it a little easier for Arizonans to stay healthy—especially with the holiday season upon us.”