The workplace is rapidly evolving. Today, most of us demand the flexibility to work from wherever, whenever and on whatever device.

“Keeping up with the times” doesn’t necessarily translate into having to work faster. It is all about getting information faster – available when and where you need. But, how do we get there? Many organizations have turned to Desktop-as-a-Service as a viable solution.

What is a Desktop-as-a-Service?
Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based hosted desktop solution. DaaS allows for the mobility and flexibility you desire, without compromising the security of your organizations’ data and resources.

The benefits of a Desktop-as-a-Service solution include:
• Data Integrity and Security: DaaS offers superior security over traditional desktops or laptops and does not compromise online security.
• Scalability and Flexibility: DaaS provides resources on an ongoing basis to different users and can rapidly deploy desktops to each user.
• Extended Hardware Lifecycle: DaaS can extend hardware lifecycles by 2-3 years.
• Reduced Desktop Cost: With the exception of thin client purchases, DaaS allows you to shift costs from capital expenditures to operating expenses.

Implementing Desktop-as-a-Service for your company will help move business beyond offices and conference rooms. It will allow your employees to optimize their workflow by being able to access their desktop from anywhere, while still maintaining their personal workspace. If you’re wondering what the next step is to help transform your business, let IT be Desktop-as-a-Service.