It’s almost that time of year again (and we’re not talking about springtime!).

We’re talking about the NBA basketball season!

Now that the regular season has begun, playoffs are right around the corner. And that means the time has come to predict which basketball teams will make it to this year’s NBA finals.

Already, many people have begun recalling their initial predictions for the 2020 season. And, we think that this season might have a few more surprises in store for the fans.

Read on to learn about which NBA basketball teams we’re predicting as this year’s top contenders!

Which NBA Basketball Teams Are Headed Toward the Playoffs in 2020?

If you would have asked us several months ago, our predictions probably would have looked a little different than they do today. But, then again, that was before Klay Thompson was sidelined (at least until the All-Star break) and Kevin Durant was in Brooklyn. Like others who had originally placed wagers on the Warriors this season, our opinion changed when we learned two of their most valuable players wouldn’t be starting with them this season.

The Clippers

The Clippers won the offseason, entering the regular season slated as favorites for their first time in franchise history. This was only the second time in the past 35 years that this team opened the season under 10-1 with a shot at winning the championship title.

It came as somewhat of a shock when the Clippers gained 2019’s MVP, Kawhi Leonard. Many people expected Leonard to follow in Anthony Davis’s footsteps, who had already traded to the Lakers.

With Kawhi Leonard on their side, the Clippers gained substantial ground, placing them against the Lakers.

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The Lakers

It’s hard to mention the Lakers this season without acknowledging the loss of Kobe Bryant, who had served as the team’s loyal star player throughout his NBA career. While Bryant was not returning to the Lakers as a player this season, he was still viewed as part of the team by many players, coaches, and fans, alike. The news of Kobe’s passing shook not only the Lakers but also the entire nation, to the core.

The Lakers, of course, are longstanding favorites in the NBA and they’re certainly no stranger to the winner’s circle. But, the Lakers battling for their place against the Clippers? Now, that’s something sports fans might not have seen coming.

Nonetheless, the two teams are currently tied for the second-top spot, trailing the Bucks, who are presently ranked as the number one NBA team for the 2020 season.

The Bucks

The Bucks are the top pick for heading to the NBA finals, although it’s hard to say who they will face off against when the time comes to compete for the championship.

This year, the Bucks have a lineup featuring a long list of strong players, which has helped them catapult past the Lakers and others, climbing to the number one spot.

Among the Bucks’ highly-ranked players is Giannis Antetokounmpo, the #1PF, who at just twenty-four years old, is now in his seventh NBA season. Kris Middleton, the #4 SF, is another one of the Bucks’ stand-out players this year. At twenty-eight years old, Middleton is currently in his eighth NBA season.

Donte DiVincenzo and Eric Bledsoe are two of the other heavy-hitters listed on the Bucks lineup this season. Both are ranked highly in their positions, with DiVincenzo falling in the top 10, and Eric placing at #26PG.

NBA Top Contenders

The top three contenders for the NBA finals are the Milwaukee Bucks, followed by both the Lakers and the Clippers.

At this point, the Lakers and the Clippers are tied, and both teams have strengths and advantages that would seemingly place them in the lead for second place. However, as of yet, there is no clear winner that has emerged.

As the season continues to play out, we’re sure to see one of either the Lakers or the Clippers, pass the other. What we can say with some confidence, is that it looks like these are two of the teams that will face-off against the Bucks in the final rounds of the season. And, it’s likely that one of the two, either the Lakers or the Clippers, will eventually be competing in the final NBA championship game.

If we had to guess today, we would place our money on the Lakers.

However, most basketball fans would not yet be willing to bet it all on these odds. Anything can happen in the NBA and there’s still plenty of time for another team to move in and take over this season.

So, which teams are still in the running for the championship title?

The Rockets are next in line behind the Clippers, followed closely by the Sixers, who are followed closely by the Celtics. It’s worth mentioning that even though the Rockets are just behind the Clippers, there is a substantial amount of ground they would need to gain in order to pass the Clippers for third place.

After the Celtics, there is another fairly large gap before the next-in-line Miami Heat (in terms of each team’s odds for entering the final rounds).

Stay Tuned!

Along with many sports fans and professionals, our predictions for the 2020 NBA season champions aren’t in the bag just yet.

Several of the top ten basketball teams are running extraordinarily close, and only time will tell which ones will play the smartest and hardest this season to claim a chance at winning the championship.

As for us, we’re looking forward to a season filled with excitement, and perhaps, a few more surprises, as well.

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