Brokers and employees of SRS Real Estate Partners (SRS) gathered in Scottsdale from January 22 to 24 for the annual SRS Summit where they participated in a charity event benefiting Lost Our Home, a Phoenix-area animal shelter.IMG_1726

As a team building project, Summit attendees were split into teams and given the task of building a dog house intended to be given as an incentive to adopt a homeless pet.Lost Our Home Pet Foundation was on site with some of their homeless animals to provide inspiration and collect the 14 dog houses that were completed. All of the homes, along with a collection of pet supplies donated by PetSense, will go to families that adopt animals from the Lost Our Home shelter.

Kits for the dog houses, hardware, and tools were provided to each team with a set of instructions. Teams worked together to answer trivia questions in order to gather all of the pieces of the dog house. Once completed, each team put their personal touches on the dog houses by painting and decorating each of them in a unique way. Summit attendees were pleased to participate in an event that inspired their creativity and gave back to the community.

Lost Our Home is dedicated to rescuing pets abandoned or at risk of homelessness due to foreclosure, eviction, or other financial hardship. They provide compassionate options when realtors and the community find an abandoned pet. To date, they have rescued over 2,600 cats and dogs, fed approximately 12,000 more through their food bank, and paid thousands of dollars in medical aid.

IMG_1837“The dog house team building event was a great opportunity for our brokers and staff to work together to accomplish a goal, made even more meaningful by the fact that the finished houses were going to be donated to Lost Our Home,” said Chris Maguire, CEO and chairman of the board for SRS. “We encourage giving back to the local community and helping a Phoenix area charity while we were gathered together for Summit was a goal of ours. Everyone who participated really enjoyed themselves and we are pleased with the outcome of the event.”