The COVID-19 situation is not a favorable one for any business and you may be looking for ways to cut corners right now. Pulling back on SEO may seem like an option but this is the last thing you should do. In fact, now is a crucial time to constantly realign your strategy to match the changing search trends and audience expectations. Your organic traffic may be running low currently, but disregarding SEO at this stage will have a negative impact on your ranking. Obviously, this is something you cannot risk because your business will have to work again for years to get back and be visible again, once things are back to normal. Here are some strategies you can trust for staying on track with SEO in the COVID era.

Stay updated with Google Trends

There is hardly anything more important than monitoring Google Trends if you want to win the SEO game at this point in time. It keeps you abreast of the industry trends and people’s search behavior. So you can experience a traffic boost by tweaking your content and SEO strategy to bring relevance according to Google Trends. It is also recommended to be vigilant about traffic drops and engagement rates.

Revise your keywords

During such uncertain times when search preferences and habits of the consumers are changing often, you need to consistently monitor and revise keywords frequently. Keeping up with the trending keywords is the only way to avoid falling behind. You may end up losing the chance to implement an agile approach that will bring extensive benefits today and in the long run.

Don’t go slack with link building

Right now, you may be tempted to take a break with link building because results are probably non-existent. But this doesn’t mean that you can go slack with the initiative. Rather, it is a good time to invest in professional link building services for building sustainable links that will serve value in the future. Look for one that specializes in white-hat strategies with backlinks earned via quality content on niche-relevant authoritative sites.

Grow your content bank

Since this is probably a business downtime, you can invest it for growing your content resources. Focus on both content quality and quantity so that you have plenty of usable resources once business comes flooding back. At the same time, high-value content you publish now can go a long way in engaging the audience and raising brand awareness. It also keeps your brand fresh and active so that the potential customers stay in touch even when they are not buying anything at this stage.

A data-driven and agile SEO campaign strategy is capable of keeping your business on track even during the crisis. Pay attention to the data from your website and social media to get a fair understanding of customer behaviour and expectations. It can give plenty of insights on the products they are still interested in, ones they are actually buying and how their preferences have changed. It will enable you to fine tune your strategy now and prepare for the future.