Sometimes finding the right gift for a loved one is straightforward. We know exactly what they want, can get hold of it easily and, importantly, it is within our budget. Unfortunately, it is rare that all three of these elements come together, especially when buying for someone who appears to have everything. If you are struggling to come up with a gift idea for someone and want to try something a little different, a subscription box might be the answer.

A subscription box arrives through the post regularly (usually monthly or quarterly) throughout the year. The box is filled with carefully selected products, often those which have been specially curated on a theme. Here are a few reasons why subscription boxes make perfect gifts.

Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving

Usually, when you give somebody a gift, you hand over the item or take them for an experience and the gift is over. When you give a subscription box, however, the recipient gets a gift every month (or every few months) which arrives through their letterbox. Getting mail is rarely exciting, but a subscription box of goodies is a real treat to look forward to. In many subscription boxes, the recipient does not know exactly what they will be receiving, so there is an element of mystery as well. 

Subscription boxes range from useful everyday items to luxury treats

Subscription boxes can be a convenient way to have useful items delivered to someone regularly — e.g. socks, underwear, toiletries, or cosmetics — or to spoil them with delicious treats or cocktail mixes. You will find a subscription box for just about every type of interest and hobby, so whether you are buying for your partner, family member or friend, you will find a box they love.

Subscription boxes introduce new and exciting products

While subscription boxes often include surprise items, they can also give people the opportunity to discover new products that they would not otherwise have come across. This might mean they try a beauty product they have never used before or new vape juice flavors in a vape box; but, whatever it is, they may discover a new product to love.

Subscription boxes are great value for money

Some subscription boxes include samples of trial products or ones that have not yet been officially launched. In many cases, this means that the total value of the box (if they were to buy the products individually) is much higher than the cost of the subscription. Add this to the fact that your loved one will receive multiple gifts, and your gift has even more value.

Subscription boxes are put together by experts

The best subscription boxes are not just thrown together at random. The box will include products that are relevant not only to a particular niche but which can often reflect the preferences of the recipient. These companies are experienced in their industry and will hand-select only the best quality products either based on their knowledge or experience, a theme, or what the customer wants.