The statistics show that 25 percent of internet connections in the United States use Fiber Optics.

Gone are the days of dial-up internet, as the use of fiber optics spreads worldwide, copper wire connections will also soon be a thing of the past. Things are evolving at a rapid rate and we now have access to the highest internet speeds the world has ever seen thanks to fiber-optic technology.

If your business is not using it, you need to get on board with this cutting-edge technology but you may be wondering about the advantages of optical fiber. If this is the case you need to be informed about the benefits of fiber connectivity so that you can get your business aligned with the latest technology.

1. High-Speed Connections

Even the highest speed of copper wire internet service cannot match the speed of a fiber connection. Fiber optic internet is able to deliver speeds as high as 100 gigabytes per second (Gbps).

During those times when the internet is in high demand if you use fiber optics, you will not suffer from slow internet connections as you would with copper wire connections.

Slow internet connections reduce productivity. It can make tasks that should be completed quickly take a much longer time. Eliminate this problem completely by getting fiber optic internet.

2. Unmatched Reliability

Copper wire internet is susceptible to bad weather conditions. If a snowstorm comes in overnight, a hurricane or severe rainfall you can expect your copper wire connection to underperform significantly.

This is not the case with fiber-optic connections. These connections remain steadfast in the face of even the most severe weather.

In order for your connection to be disturbed when you use fiber optics, someone would have to physically cut the fiber. This means you get great reliability.

Since reliability is one of the main reasons for choosing fiber connections you should make sure that you use a company like Shentel Business. They will ensure that you get an internet package that suits your business needs.

3. Distance Will Not Affect Your Signal Strength

If you are using a wired DSL or any other type of connection then you probably know that when you move too far away from the router, the signal strength is reduced.

If your office is in a very large space this puts you at a disadvantage if you are not close to the source of the Wi-Fi signal. Fiber optic connectivity solves this problem. Even from great distances, you will still be able to pick up a strong Wi-Fi signal.

A Final Look at the Advantages of Optical Fiber

You should now be fully convinced of the advantages of optical fiber. If you run a business you cannot afford to have slow internet connections or internet connections that are at the mercy of the elements.

No matter what happens your business needs to carry on and make money. Nowadays, it has become hard to separate the productivity of a business from its connection to the internet. Save valuable time by getting the best connection possible for your business.

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