Does it seem like your small business is spending a fortune on a phone system?

In the past getting the features you wanted pretty much required you deal with a major phone company. Now thankfully Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to get a sophisticated and highly capable phone system for a fraction of the price.

Today we’re going to explore the top 5 reasons you should get a VoIP system for your company and the only reason you wouldn’t want to.

1. Allows Anywhere Communications

One of the features of VoIP that always gets rave reviews is how easy it is to use. Because it’s all digitally based you can easily set your virtual number to be answered from anywhere.

Your main phone in the office is just the beginning. Through an app or call forwarding set up you can have a single number that’s answerable anywhere you find yourself.

If you’ve got salespersons or consultants out on the road it’s easy to see how valuable this would be. Instead of having multiple numbers to reach them you can assign them a single number on several devices.

2. Lower Cost-Per-Call

The biggest initial benefit of a VoIP system is how much you can save per call. The very design of VoIP makes it far cheaper to use than a traditional copper wire landline system.

With traditional phone systems you were charged based on every call placed. After all, the phone company had to build out the infrastructure and maintain it solely for phone calls.

A VoIP company has none of those expenses. The calls are made using your existing internet system. This allows them to provide incredibly cheap and high quality phone service.

Most plans work either as pay-as-you go or on an unlimited basis. Many offer features like free domestic calling or a set list of free numbers you can call.

3. Incredibly Scalable

VoIP is the perfect phone system for businesses that are expecting to grow. Because a VoIP company doesn’t have to physically install cables or wires you can pretty much expand your system as needed.

The only real limits are the existing bandwidth of your internet. Scalability doesn’t just go one way either. For companies that have significant seasonal changes in demand a VoIP system gives you tons of flexibility.

You can upgrade your account during the busy season by adding on extra numbers and features. Once things begin to slow down you save money by reducing your service.

Try doing that with the phone company.

4. Flexible Conferencing Options

Running a conference call with a traditional phone plan was complicated and needlessly expensive. VoIP is all digital. That makes it extremely easy to add or remove participants with nothing but a laptop or other control.

This even includes full video conferences. Being able to see who you’re talking to always makes things a bit more personal. With VoIP you can set up video conferences with any number of participants quickly and easily.

5. Integrates With Other Apps and Systems

For most businesses getting in touch with someone requires a little bit of juggling. You have to pull up their email address, search it in your contact list, and then finally make a call.

This doesn’t take a ton of time but if you have to do it 30 or 40 times a day it adds up. VoIP systems allow you to integrate the apps you’re already using with their services.

This makes it easy to jump from an email to a call and back.

6. Requires Solid Broadband Capacity

The only real downside to modern VoIP systems is their thirst for bandwidth. Unlike traditional landline systems they work entirely over your fiber optic or other cable connection.

If your office doesn’t have the greatest bandwidth to begin with adding VoIP will only make it worse. A quality VoIP company will be able to do a few basic tests on your network and hard capabilities.

This will let you know if you can easily switch over to VoIP services.

See How Much You Could Save

The benefits and cost savings of a VoIP system far outweigh the sole downside. As long as you have quality high-speed internet at your place of business there’s a good chance VoIP could save you time and money.