Televerde, the first and only fully integrated sales and marketing technology organization with a proven execution model for generating demand and accelerating sales, today announced the company signed contracts with 20 new clients in the second quarter of this year. In addition, the company also expanded service offerings with 13 of its existing customers. 

“We use a personal touch to transform sales and influence purchasing for some of the world’s most innovative B2B companies,” said Televerde CEO Morag Lucey. “Our team’s technological experience enables them to ramp up fast and the fact that we have the lowest turnover rate in the industry means we can offer consistency that other organizations can’t deliver.”

The company also announced that it is expanding its employee base at its Phoenix headquarters and will open a second engagement center in Indiana this October at the Madison Correctional Facility. These moves will ensure that the opportunity to change lives increases with the non-incarcerated expansion. “The demand for our marketing and sales technology services has prompted us to add headcount and expand our operations,” explained Lucey. “We’ve filled 75 growth positions so far this year and have 70 more openings to fill in Phoenix in the areas of IT, sales, marketing and HR. As part of our expansion in Indiana, we’ll add 30 new jobs initially with plans to accelerate in the new calendar year.” 

Madison is the second Televerde facility in Indiana staffed with incarcerated women. The first opened at Rockville Correctional in 2015 and employs 90 female prisoners. 

“Our company prioritizes a meaningful work experience. All of our employees do the best work of their lives while supporting our communities and making a real difference. It is an exciting time to be a part of Televerde,” added Lucey. 

Televerde generates demand and accelerates sales for its customers by:

• executing high-performing, complex sales and marketing initiatives,

• aligning sales and marketing to drive pipeline in new and existing target markets,

• understanding the buyer’s journey, leveraging intent and propensity modeling to evaluate a prospect’s interests and likelihood to buy,

• executing an account-based selling (ABS) model to provide a consistent experience across the sales cycle,

• integrating best-in-class marketing technology platforms into the sales process, and

• using human and advanced data insights to identify and engage prospects. 

“Working with Televerde has been one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences for our business and my career,” said Amanda Morgan-Noonan, local sales COE manager, Sales Strategy & Activation for Interstate Batteries. “The team member’s insight, dedication and passion is inspiring and refreshing. They work with excellence and a sense of urgency, which is hard to find in many companies today. While we are just beginning our journey with Televerde, the effects have been immediate. The Televerde team is bringing relentless effort, passion and a true desire to help us exceed our strategic initiatives!”