Scottsdale-based Nextiva launches analytics tool

Technology | 23 Mar, 2016 |

Nextiva CEO Tomas Gorny presents Nextiva Analytics at the firm’s Scottsdale offices on Tuesday, March 22.

The use of big data and analytics for many companies has become crucial in decision making. Scottsdale-based Nextiva hopes to serves those businesses with the launch of its newest tool, Nextiva Analytics, to coincide with its cloud-based communications software.

Nextiva Analytics works perfectly with the firm’s phone service, and provides businesses with insights into call data. Businesses can create customizable reports, wallboards, dashboards and gamification, a way to have employees compete and stay engaged.

All of the reports would come from the firm’s phone data.

Nextiva launched in 2006, providing a cloud-based phone service to businesses, and has since grown to include 450 employees, even having to take over the second floor of its current offices.

On Tuesday, CEO Tomas Gorny presented a live presentation of Nextiva Analtyics boasting the tool’s easy-to-use interface that helps businesses view their data, analyze it and act, he said.

“The goal (with Nextiva analytics) was to bridge the gap of information (businesses) have in their comms, and bring it to a platform where they can create actionable data,” Gorny said.

For the last six-months 50 businesses tested Nextiva Analytics, Gorny said. They provided feedback, and the team at Nextiva was even able to add suggestions given during the test period to the final prouduct, Gorny added.

The new product has been created so any business can utilize it, but phone call driven firms will find the analytics software especially helpful.

Many of the analytics tools out there on the market are priced very high, Gorny said, but Nextiva Analytics only costs $50 for the first five users, and $5 per additional user.

Many reporting tools on the market only give enough data to drive an employee to call, said Josh Kay, director of product.

But where Nextiva Analytics allows users to gauge the quality of the call by seeing how long they were on the call, and more, Kay said.

Some of the feedback he learned from the firms that tested the Analytics tool have told him they used it to decide when to staff their employees to take certain types of calls.

There are plans to start integrating Nextiva Analytics with other platforms, such as HR department software, in the coming months, Kay noted.

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